2017 has surely been a monumental year for Rezz. From making her first ever EDC debut this year, to recently announcing a full on tour with nearly all of Mau5trap’s artists joining her, to finally…Mass Manipulation. Such a fitting title for this amazingly talented woman’s debut album. Even after hearing pretty much all of the album as a sneak peek during her EDC set this year, I was eagerly anticipating this release for the past month. But before we dissect all the weird goodness that is this album, let’s get to know Rezz more, shall we?

Rezz 2
Meet Isabelle Rezazadah AKA Rezz

Born Isabelle Rezazadah in Niagara Falls, this Canadian native quickly grew to fame once she self-taught herself the likes of Ableton through online tutorials. She became even more inspired to produce after watching Deadmau5 livestream one day, and they always say, ‘the rest was history’. A few tours with the Mau5 himself, some very addicting EPs, and multiple features on Mau5trap’s “We Are Friend’s” compilation albums, and now we find ourselves here at this long-awaited debut album.

If you haven’t already watched the music video to the opening track above, go watch it now! This video serves as the perfect introduction to what you can expect from Rezz. It’s a hauntingly trippy video, but don’t let this first track of the album fool you…because you surely won’t want to “Relax” with the amount of energy the rest of the tracks have!

Now I had to dedicate a paragraph to this next track, because it’s easily my favorite track from the entire album. “Diluted Brains” has everything I want in a Rezz song, and when I first heard it at EDC I automatically flipped my shit because of how in love I was with the dark undertone and addicting yet X-Files-like melody, which leads into a bass heavy drop that truly melts my speakers, my ears…and my senses. Jam this song with the speakers and bass turned up! I’ve literally listened to this track more than 50 times at this point. It’s just that addicting to me.

“Premonition” is a clear example of why this album is what you’d get if the soundtracks for The Matrix & John Wick had sex and conceived a music baby. This is that music baby! This song makes you want to kick ass, but also makes great driving music for those who like to cruise (or race) on the highway. While you don’t need them to enjoy the track that follows this one, “Drugs!” definitely has a very cool intro that evokes an alien-like vibe. The drop that accompanies it almost flirts with the boundaries of Dubstep, but manipulates it enough to give it it’s own unique sound.

Rezz 1

“Livid” sounds exactly as its name describes it: A full-throttle adrenaline heavy dark tech track that’s great if you just feel like letting out anger. “Green Gusher” gives me that classic Rezz feel that I got so accustomed to when first hearing her early EPs, except this track stands out from almost every song she’s done with the scratching style sound that really makes the track pop. A little more scratching and it could’ve been a hybrid hip hop track/beat! Talk about an impressive track. “Synesthesia” is Rezz in classic form as it gives you nothing but dark techno, and low bass sounds that are sure to reverberate your soul. If Rezz hasn’t yet taken it from you yet.

The last and final track, “Ascension”, is another step in the right direction. It’s a very well-made collaboration with Kotek that ranges from Rock-infused sounds, to experimental, to even future bass-like vibes that creates a mix of multiple genres for a very fun three and a half minute journey to close out the album.

All in all, not one track disappointed me within this entire album. If you liked Rezz before, or if this is your first time ever hearing any of her music, please go back and listen to her other EPs! This is a great jumping on point, but her previous EPs such as “Something Wrong Here” and “The Silence Is Deafening” have some great tracks as well. Wherever Rezz goes from here, it’s definitely on an upward psychedelic spiral – as I’m sure she’s used to by now. Regardless, she’s sure to continue this “Mass Manipulation” in the years to come.

For more Rezz, follow her on Soundcloud!

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