IMG_1568.JPG(Photo by Marisa Hugonnett)
Written by Vikki G

Name: Zacc Atwood
Stage Name: Atwood
Age: 26
Genre Played: Trap & Future Bass
Favorite type of pie: Key Lime

Beginning our new monthly segment, Local Lowdown, we bring to you, Zacc Atwood. We caught up with Atwood after his headlining show at Stereo Live Houston to get the his Lowdown. To find out where he grabs inspiration from and where he got his start from. I always enjoy my conversations with Zacc but this one let me see him in a whole new light.

Watch our interview video below!

(Local Lowdown logo by Xavier Diaz and Photo by Marisa Hugonnett)

From every genre in the book, the Houston scene has been blowing up with locals left and right. Our eyes are on all of them. This humble gentlemen is one of many, rising stars in Houston. Playing around 100+ shows since the beginning of his DJ career, in December 2016, Atwood gives nothing but high energy sets and pure love to his community.

IMG_1396(Atwood opening up for Hype Factory presents: Lit Lords/Photo by VikkiGShotMe)

Zacc just recently came out as Atwood. In a very emotional Facebook live stream, he explained his change from previous entity, Intraverse, to the name we know now. He mentions how his love for music has changed his whole life and perspective on everything! I couldn’t agree with him more. You can check out the video on his Facebook here. If you’re not feeling some type of way after this video, get outta here! Full of bangers and sure to leave you deceased at the end!

Check out Atwood’s exclusive mix for Local Lowdown below!

To find out what happens next in Atwood’s Epic Ranch after party story, you need to connect with him on his socials and ask him yourself! Atwood loves to talk to the community and welcomes any new friends and fans!

Connect with Atwood

-Twitter: @zaccatwood
-Instagram: @zaccatwood
-Faceboook: Atwood
-SoundCloud: therealatwood

Posted by:Victoria Garces

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