The New Zealand trap God QUIX slid through Texas this past Thursday on the 8th stop of this 42 city tour where things got rowdy at Houston’s legendary Stereo Live! With support from our astounding locals dropping bangers and amazing vibes from close friends near by we were ready for QUIX! Clock strikes 12:30, lights go out, excited screams fill the room as he walks up to the decks.

  (Instagram @quixofficial taken by @mrsquix)

Image result for quix dj This man played one hell of a set! His track selection with soothing transitions had everybody screaming AY! Quix is a master producer. As a fan of most of his work I couldn’t wait to see what he would bring in the form of a DJ set. Working at Stereo allows me the opportunity to see almost every show that comes through the iconic stage. While this is a fantastic privilege, it also has it’s disadvantages; I hear so much of the same music over and over that I get bored so easily… but with Quix, I couldn’t have been happier! This man played so many tracks I had never heard, he didn’t just rinse out the 2016 – 2017 top 40 trap songs, he instead dropped CLASSIC throwbacks from years ago mixed with outstanding newer tracks from himself and other top producers.. he even played paramore!

​Being a HUGE Gucci Mane fan, I lost it when he dropped his collab with Gucci Mane & Yound Sidechain, Rat Traps. Gucci Mane is a quintessential rapper when it comes to hip hop trap music which is the defining connection between the latter and the EDM version of trap, a multitude of EDM Trap producer’s sounds have been inspired by the hip hop icon Gucci’s tracks.

​​Quix came out on to the stage with a force, dropping Phase one’s, Mayhem into badrapper – put in work. The energy you see in this video never let up for the entire set… the crowd awaited every track from his recently released EP along with crazy tracks such as this.

​​Quix dropping classic’s like The Killer’s Mr. Brightside into NGHTMRE’s Vip of Street. One of the coolest things about this show was the crowds interaction; during this video you can hear the entire crowd singing along to The Killer’s recognizable lyrics while finishing strong with the iconic drop adlib we all know so well, “Back with that hard street!”

Proably my favorite moment of the show was Quix’s mash up of Paramore’s Misery Business into his own edit of DJ Snake’s Propaganda. Quix was able to bring back middle school and high school memories for so many people in the crowd while transitioning into newer tracks including so many ID’s and countless tracks he produced himself which is the main reason he has built up such a loyal fanbase

Quix’s show at Stereo Live proved that not only is Quix one of the most notable and important producers in EDM right now but that his DJ skills match up with the latter.

SoundCloud: @quixofficial

Posted by:Jordan Platt

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