Bonnie X Clyde dropped their much anticipated Wanted Remix EP, and it was worth the wait aside being teased a snip past week.  This remix EP has 11 solid tracks, with six different “Bass Jam” remixes, all different unique styles. These three remixes had me super hyped and gained a new fan!

The first Bass Jam remix on the EP is done by Part Native. These boys are killing the game, and have even played with BxC in Gainesville, Florida, their hometown! Part Native’s remix is an amazing house vibe, leaving shufflers with nothing but happy feet!

One of my absolute favorites is “Hooked”, showcasing Bonnie’s amazing vocals! Pixel Terror unquestionably slayed this remix!! I admire how everything blended so beautifully to create this bass masterpiece. I’m definitely keeping my eye out for them.

Truth x Lies won the contest for ‘best remix of Bass Jams’. After listening to Truth x Lies remix on repeat, it’s clear why they won! The duo from New York hit the mark on a deep house vibe. It’s “house music you didn’t know you needed,” stated on their bio artist page. Forever a fan now.

Being a huge Bonnie x Clyde fan, I found this Wanted Remix EP to be pleasantly delightful, leaving me wanting more! I highly suggest checking out the rest of the EP as it displays so many talented DJs. #jointheride

Posted by:Sierra Bianchini

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