Apashe just put out some FLAMES in the form of a remix LP. Apashe enlisted 16 of his favorite producers to remix tracks from his critically acclaimed album Copter Boy! We took a listen to the remix album and you definitely don’t want to sleep on this. We enjoyed the entire album but, as most people, we had some stand outs. Wide Awake was our favorite, followed by Krimer’s remix of Day Dream featuring Split bread. A few other stand out remixes for us were Tha Trickaz, Goja, Arius & Mark Instinct

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Apashe’s Copter Boy LP was a full-on arsenal of bass that took the world by storm. Now, Apashe and Kannibalen Records have deployed a whole new squad of talent to officially take on singles from Copter Boy.

A wide variety of sounds and styles have come together for this one-of-a-kind project. At sixteen tracks, there’s no escaping the musical attack that has been launched. Remixers include Tha Trickaz, Dodge & Fuski, ill.GATES, Ganja White Night, Goja and many others.


Facebook | Soundcloud

Kannibalen Records
Facebook | Soundcloud

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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