Imagine a cold, dark sky with nothing but dim stars as far as the eye can see. All of the sudden, a dramatic explosion happens and a new bright star appears in the sky….

It’s no surprise that Kai Straw‘s latest track, “Supernova”, is a cosmic blast of soothing vocals, rhythmic future bass, and catchy pop. Produced by Shokace & James The Bear, this track transforms Kai Straw’s sound into a new direction where genres harmoniously blend together and deep emotions (such as perseverance) are given light. 

There was a time in my life when I wanted to kill myself; when every breath I took felt unearned. But now, years later, I feel the opposite; And I wanted to capture that feeling in a song – to bottle my sunshine for someone else. Something with sort of – boundless, positive, hopeful energy.

“Supernova” is the latest in future pop and has been released through Kai’s own label, Tenth Gate Records. The track will be included in his upcoming LP called GUN, which will be released this September.

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Posted by:Mitch Tilley

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