Zhu surprised all his fans with his sensational EP, stardustexhalemarrakechdreams. This four track EP is exactly what you needed this weekend.

The intro track, “Stardust”, hits you so smoothly right in your feels.  It instantly brings goosebumps all over your body and captures the whole mood of the ep; a dark, deep and chill vibe.

Zhu changes it up on us real quick with his next song “Exhale” that embodies much more of a trvppy vibe. This is one of my favorite songs on this EP.

Lets step into the roaring 20’s with this next song, “Chasing Marrakech”. A perfect combination of trumpets and a touch of trvp that will have you grooving all night long! Password: late night vibes.

For the final track, Zhu teamed up with Nero to create a twisted yet delightful tune. This track could not get anymore perfect. All I can say is listen to it, and you will simply be amazed with this sound. Zhu just has a magical voice that just hypnotizes and draws you in. Seriously, great work on this track!

In all, if Porter Robinson and Rezz had a baby, their offspring would be this EP. He can drop surprise EPs everyday and I, along with others would be more than happy if he did. Cheers to the weekend Zhu!

Posted by:Sierra Bianchini

Guwop 1017. Cats. Champagne

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