In honor of his Babylon World Tour announcement, Ekali dropped the song “Babylon” featuring Denzel Curry.

It is a work of art.

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In the description Ekali says that he wanted to create something where Rap and EDM music, “coexist without tipping the scales too far in either direction.” Believe me when I say Ekali delivered.

Another really cool thing about this track Ekali tells us in the description is that instead of building the beat first, he had Denzel lay down the acapella rap lyrics first; Ekali then built the beat around Denzel’s lyrics.

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The song starts off with haunting vocals accompanied by rich synths and drums to create a slow trap vibe. The atmosphere gives the feel of floating down a river glancing at the stars with a cool breeze at your back. You’re relaxed, but a bit wary. Denzel Curry begins his chant as the track begins to build with a crescendoing horn and then BAM!

Darkness and filth.

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Denzel pushes out an aggressive flow while an array of horns and drums surround him. A marimba provides a constant arpeggio behind the beat while Denzel spazzes for so many bars ending his verse growling, “You shouldn’t f*ck with a lion!”

Then we have the come down. Ekali gives us a soothing yet enticing interlude. He reintroduces the melodic vocals found at the beginning with a few more drums and shakers this time. All of this prepares us for Denzel’s second approach to the ring for a round 2 of thunderous blows over the beat.

Then we are wafted with a final taste of the luscious vocals we’ve been hearing, this time accompanied by a piano. All of this settles us down for the end.

Listen Below:

This track truly brings the best out of the Rap and Electronic genres. Ekali lays a powerful undercurrent allowing Denzel Curry to deliver a menacing and ferocious flow on top. It builds us up for an energetic high and then gently lays us into a comforting low.

This is all the hype I needed to get my tickets to the Babylon World Tour.

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Posted by:Wil Rios

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