The brilliant producer left his new 4 track EP in our inbox the other day and I was not disappointed! What did disappoint me was the amount of plays per track on this EP. Each track is fire and we at TRILLVO want to do everything we can to bring this EP to your attention!

Julius C is no stranger to TRILLVO, after hearing some of his work we were quick to lock him in for an emerging artists spotlight. This EP shows off the producers skills and growth since our unforgettable chat with him.

Starting off with Alarm, a unique trap track with elements of other genre’s slid in, Julius shows he didn’t drop an EP like all the other BS being released every week in an over-saturated market. He gives us depth and incredible twists of different elements throughout. Gamma follows alarm with an intense, forewarning build. The first drop left a little to be desired imo but was made up for with the unique slink-ish second drop and incredible builds. 53 weeks is SICK! slicing synths and unique blends of futuristic sounds grabs your attention. Vocal drops state the obvious, “man this shit is fucking sexy!” Heavyweight is the secret weapon on the EP, proving he’s someone the trap world should be paying attention to. The structure of the last track on the EP is incredible from start to finish.

We’re always impressed with what Julius C brings to the table and you can check out the EP here!

Follow Julius C.

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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