Written by Zak Aslane

IMG_3560The Boston Boat Cruise Summer Series had their annual bass boat cruise and this year was something special.  They named this boat cruise, TWONK BASS BOAT.  The lineup was led by none other than Brilly Twonka aka Brillz who has been out of the spotlight working on his craft for what seems awhile now so it was amazing to see him back and ready to go. He definitely still has that twonk fire because he threw down a heavy dub, trap and bass set that had the whole boat rocking in the Boston Harbor. Supporting acts included a unique sounding, emerging artist that goes by the name Hydraulix. I never thought I would see him live but I knew some of his tracks, especially his collaborations with Oski.  He set the tone well for the next supporting act, YOOKiE.  Their set was filled with filthy dub, bass, trap, and all of their notoriously big remixes.

IMG_3561When they dropped their collaboration with Slander, “After All”, the entire boat lost their minds (including myself).  Before the TWONK BASS BOAT, they had a show in Houston on Thursday headlining Hype Factory.  I met up briefly with YOOKiE post BASS BOAT and mentioned Hype Factory to them and they responded with compliments filled with excitement!

The boat was 3 floors with bathrooms on the bottom, a bar on the middle and all the action including the dance floor and and raised DJ booth with a bar underneath. Speaking of the bar, the drinks were a tad overpriced, I’m talking $12 for a well vodka tonic, ouch. There was food on board; I saw people with pizza slices walking around. Getting from the back of the boat to the front of the boat was pretty simple with stair access on both ends. The entire boat ride was 3 hours and passing other boats was so much fun as we broke out in chants of “our boat is better!” across the way. Overall I would rate the Boston Bass Boat Party “Summer Series” a must see show, all the vibes were great and positive along with a fantastic show!

You can buy tickets and find out when the next Boston Boat Party is by visiting the link below.


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Posted by:Zak Aslane

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