Wow, what an uplifting track from VOVIII! The producers Josh & Brandon from Boston have delivered an incredibly catchy track that you cant help but hit replay on. The future bass sounding track boasts vocals asking “Can you feel it?” and a positively captivating melody that will have you dancing in circles. This song is what I imagine a good day to sound like in song form.

After a major hiatus following their May 5th Spinnin’ Records release ‘Pound That’, VOVIII have completely switched their musical approach and given us one hell of a feel good anthem off of MMXVAC.

CYFI (Can You Feel It) combines an impressive sound design with a strong set of diverse and uplifting synths. The lead work in the chords combined with the soft glitch like fills and light harmonic keys create the illusion of pure ecstasy that will leave you grooving. It’s a truly jubilant and joyful track, do not sleep on the boys of VOVIII. Listen to the track below and follow them on all of their platforms to keep up with their releases.

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Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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