TroyBoi released his highly anticipated album “Left is Right” a few days ago. The album contains a surplus of some outstanding beats, and of course, that classic TroyBoi sound fans have come to know so well. Every song from start to finish is magical; every song twists, turns and throws surprises at you from every angle. Troyboi has stated that he put all his time & effort into making this album great and he was not wrong.

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The album has some of his classic songs OG, Mantra, ili, Grimey, and even his latest release, What You Know. Some other songs that really stood out to me were Flamez, B.I.A. & Snobby.
Flamez has that classic Troyboi sound. I can definitely see this song being dropped at festivals, it’s just as great as all of his hits which boasts quite an impressive collection of tracks as is, definitely one you need to check out.

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Snobby, featuring Icekream, has a very unique sound to it. When I first heard the song I instantly said “WOAH!”. It threw me off completely because it’s one of his softer songs but has such a powerful delivery; the beat is amazing and everything about the song flows perfectly.

Troyboi is on tour this fall & you cannot miss him. His shows NEVER disappoint. With all this new music, it’s impossible to miss. Check him out in a city near you!

Also if you wanna hear this amazing album check it out with the links below

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Follow TroyBoi

Posted by:Christina Groves

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