Watching people DJ and get in their zones is amazing…

Seeing a DJ, from the crowds point of view, how locked in they are, amazes me sometimes. Dj’ing is an astonishing musical art form. From cuing to transitions, the art form takes practice and years of studying and collecting music. Lucky for me, I slid into the DM’s of some dope local DJ’s in the area like KOSKO, DRŪ, Atwood, MasKurade, and one of the bigger guys out there, Clips X Ahoy, and got the scoop on 5 Things that are essential for new DJ’s to learn.


Angie, known as KOSKO, has some awesome advice for new DJ’s… The first thing she says being of course, a DJ controller; Angie prefers the DDJ-SB or SR. Next, headphones; A solid decent pair of headphones that have a good sound quality. The third, she tells me, is a major key (DJ Khaled voice)… when using the controller, be sure to have a laptop with a DJ program to guide you. The fantastic 4th thing she said was playing around with different genres of music from top 40 all the way to reggae. The last, but not least, thing Kosko wants you to remember… Be confident! Don’t get discouraged and practice makes perfect! KOSKO is someone you should look up to!

DRŪ, the master of the filth face, is one hell of a DJ. When it comes to DJ’ing and mixing. I have literally stood next to him and simply watched him in amazement. The 5 things he feels are essential for new DJ’s to learn, start with a 1/4″ adapter and also decent headphones! Can’t stress that enough. Headphones are a huge part of a DJ’s essentials. Also, always carry 2-4 USB’s with ALL your music. We’re human and bound to lose something so stay strapped at all times with those USB’s. A major key from DRŪ is beat matching. Beat Matching is the first key thing you wanna master before playing in front of a crowd, and of course if you wanna master any craft, practice, practice, practice! Yeah, everybody’s going to say practice, but if you want to be great you have got to practice.

Atwood has to be one of the one of the most musically smart people I’ve met in a long time, his essentials for new DJs are production knowledge and mad mixing skills! You can tell he’s practiced both because when Atwood plays it’s such a joy to hear. Also, have nerves of steel and work through the negativity. If you’ve seen Atwood play, you’ve seen this man turn the fuck up and head bang during his set, bringing us to his last essential… the ability to read others energy and make them feel yours. Every time I’ve seen Atwood play, I sure felt that energy.

MasKurade, the master behind the NightOwl mixes, gave me the 411 on his 5 things that are essential for new DJ’s to learn. First thing, the DJ’s controllers, Angie and MasKurade both recommend the same controllers. The DDJ-SB, those were his first controllers ever. Headphones of course! Not cheap little headphones from the dollar store, I’m talking about good headphones! Also… a laptop, flash drive and a USB depending on the type of mixer you have. Always have an open mind to all genres, which goes into being open in experimenting as well. Experimenting with different genres to different controllers so you can figure out how you want to define yourself as a DJ/artist. Last but not least, challenge yourself, there will always be something new to learn so take constructive criticism and better yourself as you try to become a better DJ.

Image result for clips x ahoy

Trap legend, Clips X Ahoy, told me what was up with his 5 things that are essential for new DJ’s to learn. Mastering any craft comes with studying and mad practice. Understand the equipment, even if you have to sit there and find out what each button does, do it! This will help you out in the long run. This helps me sway into the next thing which is to become a student of the art. DJ’ing and mixing is an art form, meaning you literally have to sit there and learn, study and practice. Practice makes perfect. The last thing he told me that really hit me was listen to the guys and girls you wanna be similar to and from there, develop your own DJ sauce.

So for all my new kids on the block that wanna get into DJ’ing the 5 essential things that you’re going to need are,

1. A decent pair of headphones!

2. Back up USBs!


4. Know your equipment.

5. Bring the energy & read every crowd!

Posted by:Jordan Platt

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