Wow! What an EP from Bailo! The producer released his NEW EP on Barong today and I’m left speechless.

‘These past months have been my most creative to date. It has always been a dream of mine to release with a successful label like Barong Family so when the oppurtunity came forward, I had to show them just how serious and dedicated I am. I teamed up with some very hungry, upcoming producers who had the same work ethic as I did, to create a masterpiece. This is 10+ years of hard work put into an EP.’ – Bailo

Grid Lock with Dryxo

On two tracks from The Cure EP, Bailo works with Peruvian producer Dryxo. Both are hyper, fast-paced productions with a devastating impact. Grid Lock is intense and increibly fast paced!

Bailo, From his Facebook.

A Moomba style sound kicks off the song But as we see many times in the EP, Bailo wants to catch you off guard.. The trap flip causes extreme stank face but subtly releases you back into moomba!

Grid Lock’ has a super aggressive vocal sample that doesn’t relent even after the track switches to a breakdown in the middle of its pent up frustration.

A vocal drop exclaims, “SWITCH!” and then we’re hit over the head with a heavy trap drop! my god! The first song is incredible and foretelling of the madness to come. Fast intense hype!

Bailo @ The Belasco

Exceso with Killkid

There are even more sirens going off in ‘Exceso’, where Bailo takes down the tempo—just for a short while. The track is a collaboration with Killkid from Venezuela, who has previously worked with friend of the Barong family Junkie Kid. Bailo and Killkid slam a tropical rhythm together with some hard dance beats to great effect.

Moombahton bells ring you in and builds the suspense… this is large. Hip moving drums  reminescent of cumbia are thrown on the listener and your forced to bob your head!

KillKid, From his Instagram.

The trap flip is insanity! Bailo’s signature sounds are clearly heard as roller coasters of sound switches capture the listener, reminds me of being at an underground EDM club in Mexico.

When we asked New York producer Bailo to put together his first release for the label, he didn’t make it all about himself. On The Cure EP, he connects with half a dozen talented guys from North and South America to further extend the family—and to create some of the most hard-hitting tracks we’ve ever put out. -Barong | Bailo: ‘These are all artists that I have been looking out for, so when I approached them with collab ideas it was a no-brainer. Many Skype calls and FaceTime sessions later, the magic was created.’

Step Up with AC-Bac ft. Louiejayxx

This track is crazy and hands down, my favorite track on the EP. Bailo couldn’t leave out the hard trap roots! >:] We jammed this on the way to El Paso and accidentally caught ourselves driving 100 MPH! Oops…

AC-Bac, From his soundcloud

This track is the HEAVIEST & dirtiest! It rivals most hard trap influenced tracks out and has hints of so many different genres.

Bailo continues to prove how versatile he is as a producer.

For ‘Step Up’, Bailo ventures into treacherous territory with producers AC-Bac and the brothers LouieJayxx, all three of them from the border city of Laredo, Texas. Together, they apply some of the most insane, if not dowright scary rave aesthetics we’ve ever come across.

War with Dryxo and Rico Act on the vocals.

YO! gather your fucking troops!! Rico leads the battle cry… Another fast paced, extremely intense track with some of the dopest hardstyle to trap flips I’ve heard.

Dryxo, From his facebook.

The break in the middle is haunting; like the pause in a battle where you regroup your squad and prepare for another mosh pit!

The build is enhanced by Rico’s lyrics, then lasers and heavy bass spin from your speakers and the final switch to trap is launched through the sub woofers as this incredible EP is drawn to an end.

Rico Act
Rico Act, From his Facebook.

There is absolutely no lack of energy in this album, it goes from 100% to 150%. It’s some of the best work we’ve heard from Bailo. 10/10 man! good shit!

Connect With Bailo

Twitter: @BailoBeatz
Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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