Earlier this week, Ookay announced the “Wow! Cool!” Tour  tour across America with Fox Stevenson.  It will feature a new live performance by Ookay, with graphics that bring you back to the 90s. This live new set has sparked many questions from fans, leaving us all wondering what tricks Ookay has up his sleeve.

He teamed up with Fox Stevenson, better known for his liquid drum, bass and glitch hip-hop, to create their new single, “Lighthouse”. Ookay has always played high energy and heavy bass tracks/sets. These two really stepped out of their normal style of music, yet perfected a new craft. Just like in his track “Theif”, Ookay too incorporates his own vocals on this one, wowing us with a hidden talent.

“Will you, be my, lighthouse baby? And can you shine your light on me?”

While listening to these lyrics, you can’t help but get a euphoric rush of emotions that feels like the beginning of a new relationship. So, this festival season be sure to keep your rave bae close while Ookay plays the song of 2018.

Ookay, if this is a sample of what your new live sets will consist of, I can say that I am more than excited for this change. If his show is making a stop somewhere near you, make sure you check out what Ookay and Fox Stevenson have to offer. I know you can find me in the front row for their Tampa and Orlando shows!

Posted by:Sierra Bianchini

Guwop 1017. Cats. Champagne

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