Illenium’s long awaited new album, Awake, releases next week: September 21st. Nick teased fans by dropping a surprise track from the album – Leaving. Illenium’s instagram story contains a link to the song with a caption “suprise!!!” The track sticks with Illenium’s melodic bass sound and is guaranteed to incite a few tears.

The song begins with a voicemail tone that say’s “I just wanted to say that I missed you, I guess and I’m sorry” message. It gives off a very Marvin’s Room feel and I love it. The male vocalist (EDEN) sings through his heartbreak and announces he’s leaving – drawing a line and tells his lover he’s “letting go of all [he’s] ever known”

The heavy melodic drop that follows makes me feel like all of my past relationship problems are “leaving”, as well. Illenium is known for producing tear-jerkers and Leaving can be added to that list. I’ll have this song on repeat until his album drops, next week.

Awake can be pre-ordered now on Apple Music here

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Posted by:Sarah Dickens

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