Kosko? If you live in Houston and follow the local scene at ALL, you know of this little bad ass! I first heard of Angie when I hosted the TRILLVO Pool party and had over 30 DJ’s submit mixes to be considered to play the event… not only did Angie make the final 6 but she won a spot to play! I’ve followed her career since then and we’ve also become dope friends. This girl isn’t just a bad ass DJ but a bad ass dancer! Check her out…

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First, let me have your age and where you are from?

21 and originally from Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada, currently living in Houston!

How long have you been djing and what got you interested in DJing in the first place?

Officially, 4 years. I’m very in tune with music selections due to being a dancer and choreographing. I like to find different music and I found edm in my sophomore year of high school. It wasn’t until senior year I decide to learn how to DJ because I wanted to give my friends an experience of having fun during school dances. So I became a DJ because I wanted to play music for the people and it makes me happy knowing that they are dancing to the music I provide!

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You’ve been DJing for a few years now what are some of your most proud achievements?

1. I got my first residency at a club in Pittsburgh when I was 18.
2. I was able to open for slander, tritonal, Apashe, and deorro thanks to my mentors!
3. I’m also very proud of meeting so many DJs who inspire me every day!

As a woman in the industry do you feel like you’ve had certain obstacles in your come up that men may have not?

Oh yes! Plenty! Unequal pay. Being told that I couldn’t be a DJ because it’s a man’s job. I’ve had men cat call on me while on stage trying to perform.

Claire McAdams Photography

What words of inspiration would you give to women who want to try to get into the music industry, in any position?

Whatever you do, don’t let your guard down. People will try to tell what you should and shouldn’t do. Just go with your gut feeling of what you think is right.
Be unique. Be you. Or “you is kind, you is smart, you is important”! 🙂

What genres do you prefer to spin?

I’m a multi genre DJ, I was taught to play everything but my favorite genre to play is bass house and dubstep!

Claire McAdams Photography

Lastly, what message do you hope to get across at the woman strong event?

Here’s my message and this goes out to the younger girls too. You can do anything and be anything if you put your mind to it. Don’t stop when there is an obstacle, just keep pushing. The saying “you throw like a girl” or anything like that means nothing to us. We will work for what we want to be. Not for a stereotype.

RSVP For the Woman Strong Charity Event Here!

You can check out Kosko and all the other amazing ladies on October 15th at the Woman Strong Charity event going on at Avant Garden Houston! There’s plenty of other things you can do to empower women in the music industry as well! Support female producers and DJ’s! Support female photographers and managers, artists relations reps and talent buyers! Women are emotional yes, there is no denying that… but our emotions make us passionate and our passion makes us perfect for music!

Connect with Kosko

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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