Some of the biggest names in EDM have banned together to do something honorable and respectable in aiding Houston in its efforts to rebuild a city ravaged by Hurricane Harvey. Artists like SCRVP, Bailo, Vargo, FVCKDIVMONDS, Drevm & Tye Guys have donated tracks graciously to MMXV Artist Collective with all proceeds going to The JJ Watt relief effort via YouCaring.

Photos below from showing the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey

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Statement from MMXVAC

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have caused, to put it lightly, widespread
damage throughout numerous regions. Thousands of families have been
displaced. With the cost of repairing and aiding the affected areas rising every minute, help is needed more than ever. MMXVAC has taken it upon themselves to help in the
best way they know how, compiling and releasing an EP of previously unreleased
tracks. Future bass, dubstep, bass house, and more are contained throughout
Proximity EP’s 16 tracks, satisfying tastes from all across the spectrum.

The EP will be hosted on Bandcamp, and MMXVAC will be donating 100% of

Favorites From The EP In descending Order.

5. Croxz – High Volume

I’m a sucker for a guitar. This was my first time hearing of this artist and he really impressed me. With a heavy metal guitar riff intro and and an adlib declaring, “This should be played at High Volume” a choppy drop fills the room. “but, I still love you” the second adlib, in a computer like voice states, adding mystery to the track. Great addition to the EP. 

4. SCRVP & Evix FT Duelle – Gravitate

Giving us all the feels with the soothing vocals of Duelle and a phenomenal future bass beat, Gravitate is a stand out on the EP. Inspiration and moving lyrics is what the EP needs to embody everything Houston stood for during this time!

3. FVCKDIVMONDS Ft. SMPLYPUT – Dancefloor Killa

Uff! a house track that anyone can groove to! The supreme G house vibes and utterly dance worthy melody could make an 80 year old grandma move their hips. it’s an uplifting beat which is everything the EP needs!

2. M.E. Swank- Random

Swank is a Houston native that went through Hurricane Harvey and knows first hand the damage and destruction it caused. Swank is not only an incredible Houston Local but displays his nact for production through this insanely well produced track that hits hard and makes you feel like you’re on an adventure through an arcade game.

1. Bailo Ft Alice France – The World Is Yours

This track is our favorite for SO many reasons, which should be the case in choosing a favorite. For one, when have we ever heard Bailo make a future bass or pop-ish track? I can’t recall ever hearing it but we get to hear it on this EP and it’s as great as any fan would hope for. Two, this track captures the essence of emotions and strength that Houston displayed when uniting together and helping each other get through such a tragic time. Thank you Bailo! 

Purchase The EP Here!

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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