2017 has been filled with some amazing music so far. From The xx, Banvox, Feed Me, Deadmau5, Gorillaz, Kendrick Lamar, Boombox Cartel, Rezz, Oliver, Kaskade, and beyond. However, they simply haven’t had the same effect on me such as this one. Of all the albums, EPs, and tracks I’ve heard so far this year…THIS ONE IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE; because no album has ever made me tear up from happiness, joy, sorrow, deep thought, self-reflection, but most importantly…LOVE. Get ready, because my fellow writers Cici, Vikki, and myself are about to take you on a feels trip unlike no other…

Odesza Album Cover
A Moment Apart Photo Credit: Google

“Do you know that story of the Russian cosmonaut?” The intro for the album begins with this question from a girl.  She begins to tell (presumably her lover) a story of a cosmonaut traveling through space all alone who hears a strange ticking noise that becomes endless. There seems to be no escape from it, until the cosmonaut comes to the decision that the only way to save his sanity is to fall in love with the sound. “A Moment Apart” has one of the most powerfully epic openings I’ve ever heard, because of the ominous sense it evokes of two lovers becoming separated. More on that later, but Cici and I both agreed that the theme of this album is love. “A Moment Apart” really achieves that through such melancholy, uplifting and inspiring strings along with beautiful chords.

With me loving EVERY SINGLE TRACK, “Higher Ground” is my hands-down favorite from this magnificent work of art. Listening to it for the very first time actually made me tear up. After following the already beautiful “A Moment Apart, the lyrics gave me so much hope for love. “So lift me up, and give me higher ground,” Naomi Wild’s swift vocals inspires those whose hearts need healing and whose souls require uplifting, because that’s exactly what this song did for me. The thumping beat with addictive drums adds so much more to the replay value of this song. Everything about this single track hit me in ways I’ve never felt before. It took me back to my last relationship; I reminisced on the good times I had with someone I felt so complete with. Although it didn’t work out, “Higher Ground” really made me believe that happiness like that can happen again.

“Boy” slows things down just a bit with a future bass/indie type of feel. It’s a very good song to chill to. “Line of Sight” is another hit with lyrics sure to work their way into your heart. “Help me out, don’t let me down…I could learn from you, I could learn from you.” Those words represent a man asking a woman he loves to help him become a better person.

If you love living life to the fullest, you need to watch the video above! “Late Night” was actually my all time favorite song from this album…until I heard “Higher Ground” that is. This track is absolutely perfect and the video was exactly what I imagined it would be. A montage (and homage) to traveling, exploring the world, and living life at its greatest peak. “Across the Room” is a nice slow jam that reminds me of something I’d slow dance to. “Meridian” has been another great instrumental track with soothing background vocals, catchy claps and chill drum beats. “Everything at Your Feet” adds a unique flavor to the mix as The Chamanas lend their talents. With the entire song sung in Spanish, it just goes to show that there’s something for everyone on this album.

Photo Credit: Google Images

Regina Spektor fits nicely with “Just a Memory,” almost reflective of “Line of Sight” as a woman seems to long for a man whose love she had once before. Kelsey Bulkin’s voice sounds heavenly on “Divide” as the R&B-inspired track shines all on its own with near experimental trap sounds. “Thin Floors and Tall Ceilings” seems to set up the final act of the album, considering it’s completely instrumental with another vocal that’s masked within the melody. Such melancholy vibes, yet soothing in a way; something Odesza’s always been good at. “La Ciudad” (“The city” in Spanish) picks things up with a pop/indie beat that seems fitting for anyone to dance to. It’s certainly got a mixture of Latin and Middle Eastern vibes to it. Songs like these I could listen to for days.

Sierra Bianchini “Cici”

Everyone has days where they feel down and can’t face the world. Sometimes music is the only key to help us when we feel like that. “Falls” is a song that gives you the motivation you need to keep pushing forward and picking yourself up when you fall. Like the song says, “Everybody falls down, all the way down.  You just gotta hold on tight…Gonna make it through this time.” Overall, this album is beautiful. We needed this and to be reminded of the joys in life, to forget about the hate and ugliness that we face daily and to see the beautiful parts in life. That’s the amazing thing about music, it paints a picture of how we can view the world.

I like this new Odesza. It shows they are evolving from when they first started. Everyone changes their sound multiple times, or changes to match the current trend. While they did change, I personally think this is the sound Odesza has been working so hard to achieve. From “Intro” to “Corners of the Earth,” this album leaves you breathless, inspired, refreshed, and ready to take on life’s challenges. As some people say, this Odesza album gives us life.

Victoria Garces “Vikki”

Odesza’s new album takes on a whirlwind of emotions. The spirituality they put into “A Moment Apart”, shines through every single track. “Across the Room” is such a different song than what I’m used to hearing from them. They have this Pop-Rock ballad with familiar tones that we coincide with Odesza.

As Cici & Vikki stated above, Odesza truly has evolved…and this album shows it. “Show Me” truly evokes their signature sound and also shows what they excel best at: Chill, progressive, experimental sounding melodies and music. Well, remember when I said I’d get back to A Moment Apart being about two lovers becoming separated? Well if my view of this album is correct in any way, it’s that “Corners of the Earth” reunites those two lovers after having searched through ‘corners of the Earth’ for each other. RY X’s vocals lend so much emotion that made those same tears I shed at the beginning of the album return again. The sound of this song truly is remarkable. It makes me relive the journey I took to get to this very last track. All the way until the very end where you hear that same ticking sound you heard at the beginning. VERY RARELY do I say this, but this album is a MASTERPIECE. Plain and simple.

A Special Message from Trillvo:

“A Moment Apart” was released this month, which also happens to be Suicide Awareness Month. This album, specifically tracks like “Falls” and “Corners of the Earth,” bring out so many feelings and emotions. Suicide is somewhat a taboo subject; however, many of us have been touched by it. If you struggle with suicidal thoughts, know a friend or loved one, or you just need an open mind to listen and talk to, please do not hesitate to call the suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255.

For more on Odesza, check out their Soundcloud and YouTube channels listed below:


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