Boombox Cartel has taken over the scene as one of the greatest and most respected producer/DJ duos out. With one hell of an outstanding year, Americo and Jorge continued the hot streak by dropping an EP that left many asking, “Can Boombox Cartel even make a bad song?” … The answer appears to be no.

Americo on the left, Jorge on the right; Photo By Olivia Van Rye

The Cartel EP had producers everywhere scrambling to be plugged for an official remix. Late last night… the remix EP was unleashed.

Stand Outs

Monxx delivers a remix that hints at his riddim roots but plays tribute so well to the original song, it would be hard not to love it.

Rickyxsan is a fucking beast. There’s no other way to describe it, he’s a madman… who makes sounds like this guy?

Nonsens remix of Dem Fraid is a stand out for sure. Fast paced and full of energy!

Ray Volpe’s is HEAVY and definitely shows why we should all be paying attention.

Dabow’s remix to Widdit is nasty, filth at its finest.

Honorable Mentions

Candyland, Jaxx Da Fishworks, Franky Nuts

Download and Stream the Cartel Remix EP Below.

Follow Boombox Cartel
SoundCloud: @boomboxcartel

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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