Being the first track off of Makk’s newest EP, The Multiverse, NY local, Makk, and Houston native, DRŪ, bring Noob Noob to life and let him reek havoc on the Vindicators. If you’re not familiar with Noob Noob, he’s a janitor for the Vindicators, and is generally under appreciated for all of his hard work.

The heavy sounds these guys bring are all around amazing. Rick and Morty ad-libs have gotten huge in the bass/riddim scene, challenging other DJs to go out there and perfect their craft. Makk and Dru execute these ad-libs amazingly. The b2b gun clicks in the drops…. Woah. They just make you wanna headbang into another dimension, I just hope you don’t end up in the wrong one.

This song has a “rage your ass off whenever it comes on” type of vibe, then ends with an OUT OF THIS WORLD space-bass vibe. I almost lost control whenever I heard it for the first time. It’s soooo groovy with all heavy sounds scattered in it.

Please enjoy Noob Noob’s Revenge.

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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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