Do you even electro, bro?  Well if you were into EDM in the late 2000s you definitely had to at some time.


This month’s Lost In The Shuffle brings us back to the glory days of the “dirty electro” sound that was heard heavily here in the U.S. at the end of last decade.  Michael White’s “Right Here” is definitely a banger that still hasn’t lost it’s luster to this day.


As a relatively unknown producer out of Spain, Michael White has since grown and cultivated his sound to encompass many genres today.  “Right Here” was one of those electro-bangers that actually used elements of piano harmonics while hitting you with that trademark punch which made electro so popular back in the day.  You can check out more of Mr. White’s work at  In the meantime, check out “Right Here” right here!

Posted by:Jason Merchant

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