Carnage teased the masses for many many months with these tracks in his sets and has finally released, alongside Young Thug, their EP: Young Martha.  This is a four track EP, which may be the only let down when listening to it initially.  However, each of the four tracks have something different to offer and have some v rare features.

young-martha homie

“Homie” was the first release to give everyone just a taste of what was to come and it featured Meek Mill!  This track, at its core, has that funeral feel with the organ sounds being the base of the beat.  This track just embodies what flexing is when you combine three powerhouses together.  Young Thug on the chorus uses a very deep and raspy voice that is pretty tough along with his first verse.  This track levels up heavy when Meek Mill drops his verse.  If you have listened to Meek before, you know he is notorious for just going dumb hard with lyrics and the hype he brings with his message.  However, there is this dope immediate and smooth switch up to Young Thug where he drops a few bars.  There was also a music video dropped that will throw you in a very unexpected loop to say the least.

“Liger” is track number two on this EP and is smooth as all hell.  One word to describe this beat is royalty.  Throughout the track, Young Thug drops bars about how everyone in the game is trying to be the same, but he be on a different wave; “Everyone bought tigers, so I’m gonna go get a liger.”  This track is a great example of the how Young Thug uses his voice in many different ways, especially in his ad libs.

Halfway through the EP, we arrive at “10,000 Slimes”.  This is a much more laid back track that is something that you can just lounge and kick it too..  Personally, it is my least favorite track on here, but that does not mean it is a bad track at all.  This track from the beat to the lyrics and flow, is Young Thug’s style to a tee. If you have never listened to a Young Thug track this would be a great start to get a feel of what he represents as an artist.

After making it through three diverse and heavy tracks, the end of the EP is “Don’t Call Me” featuring Shakka.  Carnage had released this track about a year ago and it racked up 1.8 millions plays on his Soundcloud page.  However, there is a difference from the track he put on the EP versus what he released a year ago.  It is the intro and it may be something small and quick, but it truly gave the track that little push it needed to be wavy as hell.  Shakka has some insane vocals and his sound is very laid back with a palm tree vibe with a slight underwater-ish tone as well.  Young Thug does what he does best and adapted well to this island beach style beat with some swagger and flow like a seagull gliding in the air during a sea breeze.

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Posted by:Zak Aslane

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