Megalodon has been a personal favorite of mine ever since he dropped his 100k mix (Find here. You won’t be disappointed, it’s at least 5 fire emojis). Today he has decided to bless all of the headbangers with a VIP to his already filthy collab with Midnight-T called Jurassic.

Believe me when I say he came with the heat. This has track has everything you’d want from a VIP. It’s close enough to the original so that it’s recognizable and nostalgic, yet innovative enough that it’s still exciting and doesn’t feel like your listening to same exact song again.

The track begins ominously with heavy breathing and scary pulsating drums. You can imagine somebody creeping through jungle in the middle of the night wary of the dinosaurs lurking amongst the trees. Then we hear the narrator from the original version whose voice is oddly soothing due to its familiarity. He’s come to “Finish what we started,” in the first version.

“Nothing like a bit of zappage” repeated from the original track let’s you know what’s about to come during the build up. And then the infamous,


And then the filth! Megalodon gives us an insanely dirty drop sprinkled with the narrator’s battlefield commands like, “Watch out, grenade!” to his snarky comments like, “Please sir can I do another” playing on the “please sir, can I have some more” line from Oliver Twist. You also hear the familiar ringing synth motif to end the drop.

The break then builds suspense. “I hate it when things get quiet.” Then he comes right back to bang us over the head with another neck-breaking drop.  Expect to hear Megalodon’s VIP to be played during your favorite dubstep DJ’s next set. It will faithfully fulfill all of your headbanging needs.

Listen Here:

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Posted by:Wil Rios

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