Sullivan King has built his biggest project to date. Step inside House of Wolves to listen to the LA producer’s debut EP. In it he showcases his hybrid metal sound, smashing the worlds of rock and dance music together in epic fashion.

Released on Kannibalen RecordsHouse of Wolves is complete with three distinct bass tracks that push Sullivan’s signature sound forward. Each have their own unique flesh, but you can be sure to hear crushing basslines, riveting guitar riffs and some of the strongest vocals around. It is time to enter… if you dare.

Each song of this EP can be described as full of energy; a combination of hard rock and EDM at its finest.
The Glock is a hard hitting super fast paced dubstep / van halen guitar riffing insanity of a genre combination. Tis pure madness. With King on the guitar, the drums, the electronic portion and the vocals! Is there anything he can’t do?
W.O.B.S. is a collab with one of TRILLVO’s favorite hip hop vocalists, Crichy Crich. Another wild, kinetic track inspiring you to lose your mind on the dance floor.
Don’t Care Starts off with a 1990’s emo grunge vibe and absolutely beautiful vocals but instantly intensifies with a powerful brassy dubstep drop combined with dynamic drums and King’s trademark guitar riffs.

Listen Below

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Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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