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(Rager Rabbit with Atwood and DRU at Stereo Live – Houston)

Name: Richie Skinner
Age: 24
Genre played: Dubstep, Trap AKA [Tha Dirteh]
Favorite combo meal: Carrots with a side of chopped carrots

(Rager Rabbit with Menace)

Many locals come into the scene not knowing what to expect whenever they start playing shows. Some get scared after their first show and give up, others take their mistakes and make them into strengths.

“I would say the #1 mistake I used to make was trying to read the crowds energy and feed off of it; rather than creating the energy FOR the crowd”

Richie Skinner, better known as Rager Rabbit, has come into the Houston scene with vengeance. Like most DJs, he started off playing house parties with a couple of friends just hanging out. One person makes a joke about actually playing a show and the next thing you know, you’re playing your favorite songs at Stereo Live mainstage. Friends pushing Richie into the scene was a big part of him getting to where he is now.
Check out our interview as we get more familiar with Rager Rabbit.

Richie creates insane mash-ups. The way he gets the crowd hyped up is breathtaking. Feeding off of the crowd, he drops your favorite bangers and makes sure you leave with a sore neck after. His mix that he curated, exclusively for TRILLVO, will make you wanting more.

Please enjoy Rager Rabbit’s Local Lowdown mix! ❤

Follow Rager Rabbit: |Soundcloud|Facebook|Instagram|

Posted by:Victoria Garces

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