Some of you may know RUVLO from the formidable mix he put out for TRILLVO Thursdays not too long ago. Not only does this talented man from New York DJ, he also produces INSANITY like this track right here; Mosh.

via @ruvlomusic Instagram

The track starts off with the riff of a guitar followed by drums, clearly influenced heavily by the culture of rock. Ruvlo pays homage to the genre moshing is derived from throughout the track. Moshing has becomes a widely loved part of the bass forward edm culture and with tracks like this showing so much credit to the roots of the activity, it’s no wonder why.

Ruvlo’s drops are hybrid trap lunacy! A drawn out distorted synth and slicing breaks help make the song pure filth. This is one of the dirtiest tracks I’ve heard all year.

We’re not surprised, Ruvlo hasn’t shown us a bad track yet. He’s as underrated as they come and we hope that doesn’t last long. With an arsenal of tracks like this one that throw surprises such as the panning present throughout the breaks in the second drop… we’re hoping he never stops shooting.

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Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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