WHIPPED CREAM, an LA based badass, just dropped a highly anticipated EP on NEST HQ. The EP showcases an unrelenting and tormented artistry, the likes of which can only be told through music. We can see exactly how creative she really is through a twisting dark journey through 3 tracks.


I never really felt like I had a home in this game – it has always just been with the people. I want you to know you’re not alone if you’re chasing something right now, and no matter how hard it is, if you remain pushing, scratching, and trying new things to make it happen, you can get there. It was love and persistence that has gotten me to this day, and this is truly just the start of what’s to come. – Caroline Cecil | WHIPPED CREAM

Photo By ashleyyuphoto @ Her Persistence EP Release Party, Hosted By Brownies & Lemonade

The EP starts off with Persistence, rightfully named. An Indian voice echos in the foreground right before massive bass pounds in. The song will have you nodding your head and swaying to the melody. The entire time you can feel the passion she puts into it as drums take you for a ride through the dark jungle and screeches cut through the ride. It’s a dark track that prepares you for the rest…

The second song on the album is Ignorant. Right from the intro you hear this evil sound complimented by a dark techno acid drop. The track is continuous switch of build and drop with a soothing contrast that creates and insanely interesting song and has to be my favorite on the EP.

📷 @_brandonartis via her instagram

Caroline creates another masterpiece with Selfish, closing out the EP. She ended Persistence with a softer sound, but the song that still plays off the vibes of the rest but leaves you feeling like you can shake off anything in the world that been holding you back and take everything on. The song keeps you moving with a constantly echoing beat and haunting sound.

WHIPPED CREAM can never disappoint us with her creative mind and this EP shows you why she’s a TRILLVO favorite. You can play the EP below.

Connect with WHIPPED CREAM

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Posted by:Christina Groves

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