Phraze is such a dope human! Her personality immediately captured me from the first time I met her, as we sparked a joint and discussed life in her living room with our photographer and her bouncing pitbull puppy. Her passion for music was heard in her discussion of what she wanted to do with her career and books she had been reading. I knew after our first meeting I had found a strong woman who would do whatever it took to make it.
Brooklen, aka Phraze is 23 and from Mont Belvieu Texas.. very close to Houston

When did you move to houston?

I’ve lived right outside the city for my whole life. Mont Belvieu is beside Baytown

Was music always a big part of your life growing up?

I’ve wanted to be a producer since I was around 12 years old. I’ve always gone to concerts and shows. I actually used to sing at festivals in my home town lol and no I’ll never do it again.

When did you start djing and when did you start producing?

I started DJing in May and started producing September 2016!

What are you favorite genres to spin?

Most deff dubstep. The more filthy it is the better. Even the more emotions the better I wanna make people head bang and cry at the same time

What are some of the most noteworthy things to happen to you in your music career?

 Probably playing main stage at stereo so quickly. I’ve been going there since I was 19 and the fact I’ve had the best night of my life and I actually got to stand on the same stage as skrillex and seven lions in less that 2 months of me DJing boosted my confidence and showed me that if I work my ass off I can really do anything

who are some of your favorite djs and why?

Illenium and Faux Tales. They are seriously some of the best producers in the game right now.

So for women’s month, we’re trying to get quite a few messages across, what message do you want to resonate with people?

That gender or looks should play a role in this field. Just because I’m a women doesn’t mean my body should be a certain way doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be taken just as serious as the next guy. It’s annoying to me that guys think we are just sex objects. It’s not okay for a women to use her body to work her way to the top. I’m all about confidence but the moment someone plays victim it teaches younger girls if you act stupid you’ll make guys love you, that’s not what I want them to think at all!

Who are some women in the music industry that really inspire you?

 If I said you would that be weird lol

haha no! thank you so much!

But Halsey is amazing. She stands up and doesn’t give a shit about what people say. She puts people in their spot including political stands too. Also, you. I look up to you a lot. You believe in me and have shown me so much without realizing it. I think we have a lot in common. I love how hard headed and open you are. You kick ass in a lot of different areas and don’t let anyone tell you no.

RSVP For the Woman Strong Charity Event Here!

You can check out Kosko and all the other amazing ladies on October 15th at the Woman Strong Charity event going on at Avant Garden Houston! There’s plenty of other things you can do to empower women in the music industry as well! Support female producers and DJ’s! Support female photographers and managers, artists relations reps and talent buyers! Women are emotional yes, there is no denying that… but our emotions make us passionate and our passion makes us perfect for music!

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Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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