As if Imagine Music Festival couldn’t get any better, I sat down with some amazing producers/Djs and had the opportunity to get the inside scoop on who inspires them the most, along with a crazy story on how one Dj trio got their crazy name!

Black Tiger Sex Machine Interview

 I got the chance to catch up with BTSM right before they took the mainstage. If you have yet to see them play, do yourself a favor and check them out while they are on tour. You will regret it if you don’t! Now, we all want to know how they got the name “Black Tiger Sex Machine” and I got that answer!

“Where did the name originate from?”  That’s a story everyone wants to know and we try to keep a little bit of mystery to it. Long story short, I was in class and this girl was texting me. I wasn’t sure how to tell her I was not interested. My friend sitting next to me told me to text some random words. So I started texting random words, and these four words just came together. While we were playing soccer, I told the group, we can call our self “Black Tiger Sex Machine” as a joke but we felt like it sounded really cool. – Julian

Who is your biggest inspiration/ respect the most”  Marc- “Justice.” Pat- “yeah Justice, Daft Punk.” Julian- “Boys Noize.” The boys all felt that Justice is their biggest inspiration and was their gateway into the electronic word, as Justice stuck to their roots. Marc has a lot of respect for Excision as he started doing his thing and built a community.

You guys just did a collaboration with Yookie, what can we expect?”  Simultaneously the boys said mind fucked! Pat- “We played a few shows with Yookie and they are really great guys. We’ve always liked what they do.” Julian- “They have done a remix for us and it’s always been on our wish list. They are great producers and dudes. They sent us something they started and we worked on it, added a dark kinda destruction to it.” Marc- “It’s different, one of the only songs we play beginning to end.”

Cici & Black Tiger Sex Machine

Check out the rest of the interview with BTSM and find out what type of movie they want to compose music for! by listening to the audio below!

Fransis Derelle

What’s cooler than being ice cool? Fansis Derelle wearing a Brittany Spears shirt and bringing his momma up on stage! This Salt Lake City producer/Dj is quickly rising to the top with his high energy sets he brings to shows and festivals. I was lucky to snag an interview with this cool cat.

Who do you have alot of respect for?”  I know its not an artist but Pasquale. Just to see him start from one stage to throwing some of the biggest shows in America is amazing. Artist wise, I respect Flux and Deadmau5 as I listened to them when I started out. It’s cool to see them up there still doing their thing.

What is your favorite thing about this scene?” I love how everyone comes together. I’ve met so many random friends who now I talk to daily. They come to shows with us, they fly out, they’re in the crowd and now they are like my best friends. It’s cool that everyone is here for one reason, the music.

“What do you try to communicate to the audience through your vibe? I kinda separate production from a live aspect. When I produce, its more type of stuff I listen to and when I play, it’s more of stuff I’d want to listen too if I was at the set. Alot of my music is melodic future bass and I kinda try and put feels and music together. I’ve seen my best friends in the crowd cry. And it’s awesome to see your music move people like that.

“What is one genre that you think it doesn’t get the attention it deserves?”  Techno!!  I love the vibes.

If you could be eternally stuck in one music year, what would it be and why?” 2006. That’s when all my favorite music came out. A lot of good R&B, and that’s when I was more into the hip hop scene. 2006 was an amazing year. I still play those hype tracks.

Fransis Derelle
CiCi & Fransis Derelle

 Fransis and I talked more bout how music moves us, being headbangers, and who got us into this scene! You can listen below.

K Flum aka Drinkurwater

Atl’s very own artist, Dj, and producer, Kevin Flum (pronounced Flum not Flume), has a message or us all… Drinkurwater. Drinkurwater is Kevin’s producer alias while Kflum is his rapper persona. Not only does he produce his own music, he rapped on Saymyname’s track, “Get On My Level.” andhis own originals like, “Ur still dreaming” He definitely had one of my favorite sets at Imagine.

“Who is your biggest inspiration? And who do you have alot of respect for?”  Ok, going hip hop with this. Drake, Russ, and Chance the Rapper are probably my biggest inspirations. I have a lot of respect for Eminem along with Drake and Russ.

Cici & KFlum

If you could be eternally stuck in one music year, what would it be and why?”  Oh for sure 2011. That’s when I graduated and music just made sense with life and I just stuck with it.

What is the one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?”   Easy, 21 questions by 50 cent!

A huge thank you to BTSM, Fransis Derelle, and K Flum for taking the time to meet with me! It was so cool getting to know you guys and become an even bigger fan. You guys rock!

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