As many of you may know, and for those who don’t, October is TRILLVO’s Women’s Month!  Even though women should be celebrated every day for  being a huge inspiration, making history, and kicking ass; we especially dedicated this month to them!  With that being said it is my honor to introduce Julie Witherspoon, more commonly known as Jewelz, to represent the image of women for this segment’s “A Rave in the Life.”


Jewelz is a 23-year-old raver from Fullerton, California, and has been in the rave scene for five years now!  She began by attending small underground EDM shows and concerts before entering the festival world two years later at FYF Music Fest 2014.  Like many other festie fanatics, we know it only takes one festival to open up that door for new and life-changing experiences.

“At the time it was fun, and I mainly went for the music.  After FYF I started to discover more of what I enjoyed musically, and what I craved festival wise.”

Flawless Flowz

I’m sure many of you are very familiar with the concept of “flowing.”  But for those of you who aren’t, flowing is a form of dance where you solely rely on the music to influence your body movements into a freestyle type “flow.”  Here, skills don’t matter, because no one is a ‘bad’ dancer – it’s based on how you feel!

“I became part of such a loving and talented community of flow artists, and I started to take my passion to the next level by performing.  I love hooping, because it is a form of movement meditation that has allowed me to become comfortable in my own skin and connect with others through shared passions.”

In 2014 Jewelz began “hooping.”  She became inspired to try this herself by watching videos on Instagram and eventually taught herself this way.  It didn’t take long for her to kick it up a notch and add some fire to the game – literally.

“What really pushed me to start doing fire was a lot of my friends in the scene who did it, and at the time I couldn’t afford an LED hoop, so I bought a fire hoop instead.”

Did I mention she does fire-breathing too?! – We got a Khaleesi over here.

However, she didn’t stop there, Jewelz has also taken up the art of “fan flowing” using silk veil fans. The elegance and beauty of the fans is what captivated her to do it herself, “I thought it was something different, I love the fluidity of them.”  Not to mention, that being a color guard in high school and using flags had similarities that really helped her grasp the concept much quicker.

Check out this video below featuring Jewelz’s hooping and fan flow for Up & Up College Festival; produced by Claire Rose.

Fashion Elements

I think we can all agree that fashion is a form of expression, and what we wear embodies our confidence, taste, spirit, and freedom…

“I love to express different sides of myself through my festival fashion. Every outfit has a theme, and I sort of like to embody different fantastical entities with these outfits, such as fairies, mermaids, aliens, etc.”

Like a true raver, Jewelz certainly dedicates plenty of time planning out her outfits.  She loves selecting unique pieces and discovering new tastes.  Some of her favorite styles include: platforms, cutout bodysuits, slit skirts, long boots, sparkled/holographic wear, and anything blue.

“The rave wear and fashion, it’s something I’m very passionate about”

During the interview I could tell she was an extremely down to earth person, she mentioned she loved being outdoors and with nature; this doesn’t only reflect in her character, but also in her choice of clothing and accessories as well.  Her fan flows capture the essence of wind, hooping and fire-breathing covers fire, Earth in her style, and water embodies the deep blue of her hair.


Music Vibes

Okay, clearly electronic dance isn’t the only genre of music out there, and like some of us, Jewelz was also into other types of music, like Indie pop.  Yet her music taste has drastically evolved since immersing herself within EDM.  Nonetheless, one artist who has been with her from the start is Above and Beyond.

“I enjoy when music is able to touch my soul, uplift me through dancy beats or meaningful lyrics, and evoke feeling from me which is why I enjoy those artists–Above and Beyond especially because their music has helped me get through some rough patches in my life.”

Sometimes you have absolutely no idea on what you are missing or needing in your life, until you come across a sound that fills you with so much delight it’s like finding a missing puzzle piece you never even knew was lost to begin with.


Catch Jewelz at her upcoming festivals: Escape, Dirty Bird Campout, Dream State, and Countdown!

Favorite artists: Neelix, Phuture, Primitive, Thriftworks, and Tipper

Musical preferences: Trance, Psytrance, Drum & Bass, Tech house, and Glitch.

Total Eclipse

There is nothing like experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime natural event like the magnificent phenomena of a Total Solar Eclipse; but to encounter it during a festival is something “magical” that instills a connection of your body, mind, and spirit with those around you.

I asked Jewelz to describe her experience during the Global Eclipse Gathering in Oregon, and she seemed so in awe reflecting back to that day, “Amazing beyond words, it was definitely one of my favorite festivals ever, because people came from all over the world of different backgrounds just to see the Solar Eclipse, and there was this sense of unity there.”


“Imagine 50,000 people from all over the world gathered together to celebrate the astrological phenomena of the solar eclipse in totality.  I enjoyed the sense of unity and love at this festival and how everyone there was open to connecting with other individuals. I especially loved being off grid, submerged fully in this dusty magical dream world surrounded by the forest-in my element. It was most spectacular the day of the solar eclipse–the air was vibrating with excitement and everyone had their energy focused on the sky during totality. The fact that I not only was able to experience that with some of my closest friends-who made my festival experience so life changing, but 50,000 other beautiful souls. I will always remember it.” 

Be Blue

There’s no doubt Jewelz is living life to the fullest!  She loves going on adventures and traveling to different festivals all the time.  But what goes on behind the scenes?  If Jewelz isn’t at a festival somewhere, she’s usually at home focusing on her passions: health,  nature, music, art, flowing.

“I love being active and outdoors so a lot of my leisure time is spent hiking, camping, or hanging out at Laguna Beach, that’s my favorite beach ever.”


“I’ve always had a fascination with the EDM community and have always felt a gravitation towards it. I enjoy the acceptance and creative freedom of expression I experience at these events. It’s wonderful when there are safe spaces for individuals to explore themselves through love of music, exploring different activities and workshops, and discovering more of who you are.”

Connect with Jewelz: Instagram | Twitter

Posted by:Nina Lakhiani

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