Caroline Cecil, better known by her producer/DJ alias, WHIPPED CREAM… is an all around power house and badass representative for the women’s voice in the industry. Don’t believe me? Ask any of the 70% of the men that dominate the industry… Each and every one of them, regardless of views on the subject, will tell you how much they respect WHIPPED CREAM.
Caroline first hit my radar when reading an interview from trap legend, Mayhem, where something was briefly mentioned about naming all his favorite men in the producer game and he retorted with, “but there’s so many bad ass ladies killing it too!” and dropped her name first! Ever since then I have followed this powerhouse with intent interest.
“Don’t forget this… Real will always be recognized… and it will always outrun the fake.” -WHIPPED CREAM
WHIPPED CREAM playing Space Yacht.
In 2016, when TRILLVO started, we were eager to mention her on our top 100 producers to watch out for in 2017… she has not let us down and has taken this year by STORM. Blazing up the scene playing festivals like Hard Summer, Shambhala and scheduled to to come to our home state of TX and wreck Lights All Night.
Caroline has also been a voice for women in the industry, educating the masses on the struggles only those with an “inny”, if you catch my drift, can relate to. Caroline’s fierce attitude and no nonsense agenda has garnished her an audience of edm enthusiasts that hang on her every move. Caroline has inspired, not only me and the women of TRILLVO, but countless others to be yourself and fuck what anybody thinks; don’t see gender but instead make powerful music that surpasses discrimination.
Well WHIPPED CREAM… we are ALL listening…

Tell us about you as if we have never heard of you before. where you came from, where you live, your age how long you have been producing describe your sound?

I was born and raised in Toronto I currently live on Vancouver island, Canada

I have been producing for just over 4 years!

My sound is whatever I feel, I guess right now… it’s dark energy

What is your vision for your WHIPPED CREAM project?

My vision is to be real with my audience at all times, no matter what it looks like or sounds like!

What female artists inspire you and which one of these dope women would you want to work with?

I really fuck w syd, banks, florence and the machine, wondagirl, beyonce, lil kim!

As for people to work w/ .. any of those above

As far as dj/ producers… prolly like syd, Alison wonderland, Rezz.
“Tons of people don’t think I produce my own music… meanwhile, anything on my soundcloud is literally written, mixed, and mastered… by myself!” -WHIPPED CREAM

What struggles have you had to face trying to make it in the music industry as a woman?

Alot- for anyone who thinks we are treated equal… you are wrong.

struggles are – judgement
some people literally think I’m not actually DJing because I move around alot and I’m a girl..
Also, tons of people don’t think I produce my own music… meanwhile anything on my soundcloud is literally written, mixed, and mastered… by myself!
It’s stuff like that… a man wouldn’t face that.

Why do you think the music industry, the edm market to be specific, is so male dominated?

“I think some women who want to try are scared.”

I’ve dealt with unwarranted disrespect in the industry but I also see a pattern of behavior from people that hinders the way women as whole can be perceived, what can we do, as women, to help improve our own image in the industry?

I’m sorry you had to deal w that – yeah, it’s just like dudes tho too honestly. We all know there are male DJs that are man made too as well as females who don’t actually DJ etc.. I think it’s like look, if you’re not actually making you’re music or at least in the creating process – or if you’re not actually djing —- at least dont claim to be.
There are people literally who have come from close to nothing to pursue music wholeheartedly and purely and it’s so unfair to make it harder for the real ones to come up without haters not believing they actually did it. But, there are many people faking it.
I think thinks will change, like they already are.. more women arw growing in this industry and working to change patterns. Don’t forget this, real will always be recognized and it will always outrun the fake!

Do you think women who make it big, such as Alison Wonderland, Rezz, Mija & yourself… have to deal with gender specific hate? what message would you have for someone who said something like, “she made it because she’s an attractive woman..” or “she’s good for a girl”

Oh I’m sure they ALL have!
I’d say.. IGNORE THE FUCK OUT OF IT. you know what’s real. No one was sitting beside you writing those tracks. People can say whatever they want, just know… what they say is how they perceive and you know who you are.  Ignore it and keep going!!

What inspires you to keep thriving and grinding for more. what words can you give to inspire other women wanting to make it in this crazy industry?

My love for music and people is what keeps me working. Like if I can change the way people think, feel, see through my music… maan that shit is like the ultimate goal!

One final thing… 😏tell us where we can catch you playing soon and what cool projects do you have coming up?

MY ep drops on Nest HQ sept 19

as for shows um,

Got a cool party coming up in v LA soon 😉

ALSO playing lights all night in Dallas TX for 2018! pull up xx


We at TRILLVO are proud as hell to kick off our womens month with WHIPPED CREAM

Check out her music BELOW and follow her on all of her socials to keep up with everything she has going on!


Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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