Troyboi dropped his album, Left Is Right, nearly a month ago and is currently on tour, believe me when I say that it matched the greatness this album embodies.  It features supporting acts like Slumberjack, Louis Futon, The Bohemian Dub Orchestra, and Yeh Me2!  Boston was beyond blown away by this show to say the least.

For anyone who knows Boston nightlife, Royale is arguably considered to be the number one venue for the biggest names in Electronic dance music in Boston.  The architecture inside is very similar to the name as you will see a royal-ish trim on the walls and the rails for the second floor.  There are bars all over, five to be exact, with their main one centered toward the back.  Due to the fact that this show was on a Wednesday, VIP tables and couches were kept off the floor and reserved for the weekend.  The stage design was pretty straight forward with two massive LED screens, co2 cannons, strobe lights of all colors, and  insanely talented acrobats – a little touch from Troyboi’s tour.  Some of them did their performances solo and as a duo with drapes and others props.  Now onto the artists themselves.

The show started with the Australian duo, Slumberjack!  It was their first time playing in Boston and boy, they did not disappointment.  When they released their remix of What So Not’s track, “Touched”, three years ago, I knew they were going to be something special.  Finally being able to see them live, they played all of their amazing remixes, didn’t restrict themselves genre wise, and even played some brand new unreleased tracks for the first time!

Next act was none other than Louis Futon!  His music is always very wavy and I constantly play his music at the beach just to  vibe and bounce to it.  His set was actually a live set which was a nice touch, because in Boston we don’t get to see that as often as we would like.  Just know if you need an artist to set the tone with something mellow, Louis Futon is your guy.

The third act is something that, besides Troyboi, truly sold me the second he announced he was playing.  Yeh Me2 had not played a show since his set at Hard Summer Music Festival this past year!  Boston was his first show and when I say history was made, I am not playing around.  This was his first show that wasn’t a festival, which means that myself and everyone in the crowd will forever be a part of his soon to be illustrious future.  His two biggest pieces were “Steal This Mixtape” followed by a sequal this year, were played all through out his set while also throwing in some classic hip-hop and rap tracks.  Also, he opened with Skrillex’s most recent remix of Kendrick Lamar’s, Humble, which I wrote a review on that you all should check out as well.  Josh, also was super engaging with the crowd, while at one point he even hopped over the rails to rage with the crowd.  I am honored to say I was there when Yeh Me2 started.

Of course, the main reason everyone at the show was there, to see one artist; we arrive now at Troyboi!  This artist already had put out a mind-bending album, so it only made sense this his set matched how fantastic the album is.  The visuals he had during his set resembled what a mix of Asian and Arabian based designs with a trippy electronic twist.  Not only did he have a great set by himself, he brought out some dope people as well: Healthy Chill because of their collaboration together and the one that blew my mind was the Bohemian Dub Orchestra.  This was like no orchestra I had ever scene in my life! There were three women and it looked like they were all playing with violins, there could have been a viola played not certain, but they played along with some of Troyboi’s tracks and it unreal to see live instruments combine so well with his heavy bass trap influenced tracks.

I will leave you all with this, if you look up Troyboi’s tour schedule and see he is having a show in your city or very close; do not even think twice and grab a ticket.  It will be a show you will not want to miss because you will regret it, I guarantee it.

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Posted by:Zak Aslane

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