Beautiful photos of Lost Lands were taken by our good friend Anthony Chuang

Four days of camping, three nights of music and two incredible stages combined to create one unforgettable weekend.

Lost Land’s inaugural year was a weekend full of dinosaurs, filthy bass, and memories to last a lifetime. Excision promised a bass heavy festival unlike any other, and he exceeded expectations. 

Camping enhanced the overall experience for first-time festival goers at Lost Lands.

Upon arriving to Lost Lands, festival goers were greeted by camping staff and security checkpoints. Weekend parking was available for those not camping, in addition to drop off areas for shuttles and carpooling services. Will Call was located conveniently outside the gates for last minute pick ups and customer service. From there, cars were directed to their 10′ x 30′ camping spot, thus beginning their journey to the age of the dinosaurs. 

After settling in, campers discovered several amenities throughout the grounds. Food, clothing and gift vendors were lined along the main road that connected the GA camping to the festival entrance. Showers and charging lockers were available for purchase throughout the weekend, in addition to VIP ‘glamping’. Dino Den campers enjoyed VIP, a style experience with private bathrooms, hot showers, exclusive food options, and close proximity to the festival entrance. For those traveling from afar, pre-setup tent options were available for a hassle free camping experience. 

Specially ventilated porta potties were lined along all the major roads and remained refreshingly clean all weekend long. Lost Lands offered a golf cart shuttle service to help campers navigate through the massive campgrounds. The shuttles were extremely useful for campers who flew in and did not have a car to haul gear to their campsite.  

Early arrival campers were pleasantly surprised with a pre-festival party. Excision brought his Executioner stage out of retirement and invited his friends to throw a 4 hour surprise back to back set. The pre-party was nestled in The Grove, which was filled with magical back-lit trees and hammocks. A variety of artists played during the pre-party, including: Excision, Dion Timmer, Wooli, Protohype, Kompany, and many more. Even though the surprise pre-party ended early around 11 pm, the campers still partied through the late hours of the night. If you were lucky, you might have caught the Datsik b2b Kompany set within the campgrounds located near the RV’s.

Credit: Trillvo (Mitchel Tilley)

Excision transported attendees back in time through a unique theme and unimaginable attention to detail.

After exiting the campgrounds, attendees were immediately greeted by epic head banging dinosaurs. Entrance lines were quick and hassle-free. Entering the grounds felt like entering a land before time with realistic dinosaurs scattered throughout.  Excision made sure they had extensive detail even including animatronics, butt holes and scaled sizing.

Upon entering the grounds fans were immediately directed to a large merchandise tent filled with both Lost Lands and artists apparel/gifts. Before entering the tent, everyone was greeted with a full-sized Tyrannosaurus rex. The variety of merchandise options were impressive – ranging from shirts and hoodies to dinosaur costumes and fuzzy blankets. After exiting the tent of merchandise wonders, everyone proceeded down the walkway while passing a variety of dinosaurs to the main stage. Along the way, lockers, trees for hammocks, and VIP viewing areas could be found. 

The main stage was amphitheater style, nestled within a small valley. Two large volcanoes boxed in the massive Paradox stage complete with two life-sized T-Rex dinosaurs. The outer edges of the stage area were lined with precious ivy creating a Jurassic park atmosphere. PK sound provided over 750K watts of bass which required security to hand out special earplugs to attendees. The lasers, visual quality, and volcanoes that shot out fire and lava created an unforgettable setting for the weekend. 

Just passed the main stage toilets, a water station, food and clothing vendors could be found as well as, of course, more giant f@&#ing dinosaurs. Excision hand-picked a delicious variety of food vendors, including several options for our herbivore friends. Fan favorites included: hot grilled cheeses from Cheese and Company, epic slices of pizza from Spicy Pie,  hot flap jacks from Hebros Kitchen, and the infamous fresh squeezed lemonade. The single water station was constantly filled with festival goers filling up water bottles and CamelBaks. Luckily, Excision pre-negotiated water prices with vendors and a single bottle of ice-cold water could not exceed over $2. When night fell, the area near vendors was greeted by cavemen and women spinning fire hoops, poi and more. 

After walking past vendors and food options, attendees reached the Cave of Souls stage where dinosaurs roamed on the outskirts of the stage structure walls. The cave was adorned with stalactites and other cave features to create an out of this world setting including a boneyard. Once again, PK Sound melted eardrums and minds while souls were trapped by the bass. 

VIP guests enjoyed expedited entry, private viewing areas and lounge furniture. Each stage had its own VIP area where guests could enjoy a great view and private bars and food vendors. 

Destroid’s bass melts Lost Lands – literally!

It’s no secret that Destroid‘s set was one of the most anticipated sets of the festival. Their reunion was lit, literally. During the last moments of their set there was a complication with the pyrotechnics and one of the volcanoes caught on fire. The festival staff responded quickly, fire fighters were able to diminish the problem and minimal damage was sustained. Overall, the staff handled it very well and Excision even made a comment about being “cursed”. Excision has experience with this as he blew up the Bass Pod stage at EDC. Luckily, the festival schedule wasn’t effected in any way and Zeds Dead went on to deliver an amazing performance. 

Credit: Trillvo (Anthony Chuang)
Credit: AkchuangPhotography (Anthony Chuang)

There were so many amazing and mind-blowing sets from the weekend, here are a few Trillvo top favorites…

Excision – As expected, every set Excision was involved with was an absolute killer. He started off the weekend on Friday with a 2 hour set full of fan favorites, soul wrenching bass, and even the Jurassic Park theme song. Saturday, fans had the pleasure of seeing a rare Destroid set (last time they played was Ultra Miami 2016), and it wasn’t only the volcano fire that made their set unforgettable. The rock vibes added with bass created a show completely unique from the others throughout the weekend. His Detox set gave the fans a glimpse of an Excision they’ve never heard before. Lastly, the Excision b2b Datsik set was off the charts with mind melting bass and bangers. Overall, every performance was different and a ton of fun! 

Dion Timmer – First time seeing Dion play and his set was pure madness! He played banger after banger while also mixing in fan favorites. The drop during Skrillex’s “Chicken Soup” was absolute madness, even security was caught dancing. Later, Dion’s dad joined on stage for an awesome father-son throw down.

Ghastly – Ghastly’s set on Friday was care-free, fun, and full of typical Ghastly vibes. His visuals, light-hearted commentary, and ability to incorporate many different genres created one of the most entertaining performances. Prior to his set, he told the Trillvo team it would be 90% his own music, and he lived up to his promise. It was refreshing to hear new and original music while watching Ghastly poppin bottles of champagne on stage – cheers!

Illenium – Illenium was very impressive and curated his set to fit the theme of a bass festival. He included tracks from his new album, Awake, while including fan favorites. He debuted his newest remix of Marshmello’s “Silence.”

Rezz – Space mom blew away the crowd with a bass house set filled with deep, dark bass music. The rising superstar opened up with a slow countdown into “Relax,” then later hypnotized fans with insane visuals during her “DRUGS!” track. Her debut album, Mass Manipulation, dropped this month and was featured throughout her amazing set. 

Slander – Known for their banger sets, Scott and Derek delivered an unimaginable experience at Lost Lands. They brought the heat with bass and trap tracks, but really melted everyone’s hearts with a surprise at the end. Meanwhile, at the Ultimate VIP barbecue, a fan by the name of Nick asked if they would let him come on stage and propose to his girlfriend Jessica. Towards the end of the set, Nick brought Jessica on stage to “take a photo with Slander,” but much to her surprise they weren’t there for just a photo. Slander stopped their set and gave the microphone to Nick so he could serenade his future fiancé in front of the entire crowd! People cheered in that moment as Slander dropped “Love Again” – there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd. 

Zeds Dead – Zeds Dead set included a wide variety of genres catered to everyone’s taste. Their edit of The Beetles – “Eleanor Rigby” sent an electric vibe through the crowd. While their set was delayed due to the volcano fire, they still managed to deliver an unbelievable set, including all of their classics and chillstep vibes really made this performance unforgettable!

12th Planet – 12th Planet is a staple in the bass community and his set was nothing short of amazing. There was no better way to close out night 1, and the crowd was left more than ready for day 2. 

With the anticipation for the return of Lost Lands, here is some food for thought on improvements for next year.

  • The filtered water was delicious, but there could be a few more stations in the festival and camp grounds to alleviate long lines.
  • The shower trailers were awesome for staying clean and fresh at the festival, but the lines were insane. More showers and/or longer hours of operation would be very appreciated!
  • Cave of souls was so epic, but not all the fans could experience the sets up close. With a bigger structure, more people will be able to enjoy the cave near the front. 
  • The campers appreciated the water trucks being utilized for dust control; however, the trucks need to water the roads more frequently throughout the night. 
  • A lot a great community areas were created for the camp grounds, yet it was difficult to find somewhere to sit. Chairs and tables would be a fantastic improvement.
  • All the attendees enjoyed being detached from the real world for the whole weekend. Improved cell service and WiFi would be appreciated, so we can upload our Lost Lands head banging and dinosaur videos.
Electric Family-14 (Anthony Chuang)
Credit: AkchuangPhotography (Anthony Chuang)

What a f@&#ing incredible and memorable weekend experience!

Thank you Excision and the Lost Lands staff, your attention to the fans was refreshing and unmatched. The responsiveness on social media was heart-felt and so many issues were resolved instantly rather than after the festival. On Thursday, campers were greeted by Jeff’s manager driving around in a golf cart within the campgrounds asking for feedback and areas of improvement. Not only did Jeff’s manager ask for feedback, Jeff himself walked around incognito wearing a dinosaur costume while doing so! Check out Jeff’s post on social media thanking everyone who attended, which includes a safe weekend with ZERO drug related medical transports.

Jeff you outdid yourself once again and the whole weekend was absolutely amazing with great vibes, mind blowing sets, attention to detail, and extraordinary memories.

Credit: Trillvo (Mitchel Tilley)

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