Deanna is a familiar face in the EDM community, she’s a noteworthy photographer that’s shot for some pretty amazing artists, including one of her favorites; Joyryde. Deanna is 20 years old and this music loving firecracker turns 21 on the DAY OF the charity show so make sure you wish her Happy Birthday. She was born in the woodlands and has lived in Houston almost all of her life so bringing her onto an all women’s lineup in Houston was a must! Deanna has lived in malaysia for like all 4 years of high school and recently moved to Chicago after the Houston flooding but she’s making her way back just for the show!


How Long have you been DJing?

collectively like a year but i’ve only been performing in front of people for about 4 months.

What were you guys doing before DJing and what got you interested in this artform?

So originally i was a photographer/videographer in the music industry before i became a dj. my photography career was at its peak this year when i shot for joyryde at middlelands, so after that i felt like i had completed everything i wanted to do in terms of my photography career. i lost all my passion for it. after that, i went into a huge depression and i turned to djing and producing as therapy because i loved the music. i always get lost in my sets, and every time i spin i forget about everything and just focus on the music.

Shot by Vikki G

That’s beautiful, do you do any producing?

ya, but i don’t have anything out yet. i’m a bit of a perfectionist so i’ve been really picky about what i want to put out

Can you tell us about some women in the industry that inspire you and why?

My mom has definitely been an inspiration to me. she was a vietnam war refugee, so she taught me how to be strong and independent. i could literally write a book about all the things she’s taught me. she’s an incredible woman. in terms of women in the music industry, there are quite a few. christina boemio (founder of nap girls), rezz, & last but not least, mama trill.


Why do you think women are not such a big presence as far as djs and producers go and what steps do you think we can take to change that?

the music industry is already such a heavily male dominated industry. because of this, i think it’s a lot harder for women to get to the top. it’s one of those things where we have to take extra steps and hustle twice as hard as men to prove to them and everybody else that we’re just as good as they are.

For women’s month we are trying to get a few powerful messages across, what are some of the main things you want to get across during our women’s charity show?

one of the main things i want to get across during our show is that we can throw a show just as lit as a show thrown by men. also, i want people to embrace unity at our event. men and women are so separated nowadays that one begins to think that they’re better than the other. i want everybody to look at themselves as equals.


Tell us about a show or experience in the industry that changed your life?

when i was 18, i really wanted to be a photographer/videographer for artists in the music industry. after i graduated high school, i sent out emails to every single artist management who i could think of. if they were playing in malaysia (that’s where i lived at the time), i made sure that there was an email sent to them. one of the artists who i got approved to shoot for were the chainsmokers. at this point, they had already released “selfie” and “kanye”, but they hadn’t released “roses” yet, so they weren’t the pop stars that they are today. in other words, i got to shoot for them at the perfect time. that night definitely changed everything. after that night, i knew that i wanted to work in the music industry indefinitely. i became friends with the chainsmokers and got to watch them grow as artists and as individuals. i realized who i was as a person, and ever since then, music has been what has been keeping me going.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

i see myself on tour doing what i love to do most… play music and share my love for music with others.

RSVP For the Woman Strong Charity Event Here!

You can check out haunted. and all the other amazing ladies on October 15th at the Woman Strong Charity event going on at Avant Garden Houston! There’s plenty of other things you can do to empower women in the music industry as well! Support female producers and DJ’s! Support female photographers and managers, artists relations reps and talent buyers!

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