Kai Wachi, just released his five track EP, titled, Die Young, with all five songs having their own unique sound. Which comes at no suprise, considering Kai Wachi is known for his mastered ability to mix genres, and create a mind melting, hypnotic, bass overloaded sound of his own.


LUVSICK- Was the first single released ofF the Die Young EP, and we think this release was a smart idea. LUVSICK featuring Ylti is a perfect showcase, of Kai Wachi’s ability of mixing trap, Dubstep/bass, and Electro and mixing it into something genius. No doubt about it, this song sets the tone for the entire album.

Kismet- “I just want you to remember one thing. You’ll never find anyone else like me.” Are the words spoken at the end of an introduction that will have you antisipating that first drop at the edge of your seat. Then, just as the bass drops and you think you know what kind of song this is going to be, a beautiful instrumental sneaks its way into our ears. The transitions in this song are so sexy, you don’t even know it’s happened.

GTFU- This is by far my favorite song off the Die Young EP. The song starts off with another soft introduction, that builds into a warning siren, and then releases the nastiest drop on the EP. The best part of this song, is the journey you go on while listening. This song has so many highs and lows, you can almost envision the story the song is telling.

Cutthroats- I believe the title of this track says it all. This is the by far the heaviest song on the album, with mind melting drops, but not shying away from the suttle moments of calmness you hear throughout the entire EP. This song is sure to be a festival favorite. Cutthroats is the perfect addition to this album to really bring it full circle, from Trap, to Electro, and even some filthy bass.

No Games- This is the bonus track off of the EP. A free download for his fans this song is sure to please. Though I don’t think this is the strongest song on the EP, it certainly adds extra flair to the EP, and gives that little extra Kai Wachi sound that the rest of the EP leaves us craving more of.

What I love most about the Die Young EP is that each song told a story, and blended so fluently into the next. This EP, really showcases all the things we’ve grown to love about Kai Wachi. My only critique on the entire EP, is just that I wish there was more. We need a whole album!

Posted by:Dustin Scoggin

I'm a 27 years old, promoter/writer who is going to school for Broadcast Journalism. In hopes, to be a full time entertainment journalist. EDM Till I Die!

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