RayTrill: What’s up guys this is RayTrill & I’m out here today hosting with MMXVAC and we’re presenting you with Tye Guys debut mix & interview! Can you introduce yourself to the Trillvo Audience…

Angel: I’m Angel
Moose: and I’m Alvaro but i go by moose

RayTrill: You’ve been hearing their remixes and tracks played out everywhere.. how long have you been producing and what actually got you into producing guys..

Angel: We’ve been producing since January of 2016 and honestly our friends got us into producing and from there it just took off.

And Moose?

Moose: For me it was when i went to go see Kaskade in LA at the Staples Center… I went and I was 17 at the time, back then it was all ages. I went with 2 of my friends and we bought tickets for 20 bucks, nosebleed seats like all the way up high… I was like, oh hell na dude this is Kaskade, I need to be on the floor.. we went down and both of them got caught but I ended up on the floor by myself… I was like whoa what the heck, this is crazy.. from then on I was like damn like I wanna do this. I saw people crying, I saw people smiling I was like damn… this is what I want to do.

RayTrill.. Like, this is how i wanna spend my life.

Moose: Yea, this is how I wanna spend my life, exactly. I’d have people putting me down all the time like, no.. you can’t do it, you’re not gonna be able to do this. But, I was like.. you know what fuck this, so I bought a laptop and went to my homie’s and one of them gave us the producing software, FL and from there it just took off to where we’re at right now, which is crazy.

Moose, The Older Brother

RayTrill: It is… it is really crazy to see how far you guys have come.. even since the time that I’ve known you. So where are you guys from and what’s the music scene like out there?

Moose: We’re from LA… 30 mins from downtown LA.. Hollywood area.. it’s a poppin ass scene but, I mean…everyone knows how it is. It’s a very tight knit scene.. sometimes there’s a bit too much drama going on, which I don’t really like but yea, I mean it’s part of it.

RayTrill: Everyone’s out there in their dad hats and windbreakers…

Moose & Angel: [laughter]
Moose: Omg… see youre not even from LA but you know…

RayTrill: haha I see the space yacht photos.

Moose: yes, literally that.. everywhere!

RayTrill: Okay so you guys are brothers and there’s a big age difference, what’s the difference?

Moose: 7 years, angel is 15 and i’m 22.

RayTrill: How has that affected you guys as far as producing and playing goes?

Moose: um producing not so much, well kind of ’cause I’m always at work.. but playing it sucks cause i have to play the shows by myself and people are like… Oh there’s supposed to be two of them, it’s only a tye guy haha! So, what I started doing was carrying a picture of angel to every show I go to. [laughter]

Angel, The Younger Brother

RayTrill: Have you ever tried to sneak him in? [laughter]

Moose: once, but it didn’t work [laughs]

RayTrill: So what music was played in your home growing up, what music did your parents jam and what were you guys listening to yourself?

Angel: Like 90’s rap from our Dad… and from both our mom AND dad… they would usually play like disco so it was sort of EDM.

RayTrill edm-esque, for sure. The rise of EDM was Disco.

Angel: But what we used to listen to like when I was 10 and he was 17 was like rock and metal, like… we would listen to alot of bands. But then like, out of nowhere, is when he went to the Kaskade show and then we just started listening to EDM.

RayTrill: It’s crazy how one show like that can change your entire life…

Moose: yea.. seriously.

RayTrill: So how does it feel to have guys like Kayzo and Carnage dropping your tracks…

Moose: Honestly, that’s like to this day I can’t comprehend it’s actually happening.. like Kayzo.. The people that really know me they know Kayzo is like by biggest influence. I look up to him and it’s crazy cause I’ve been a “dog” [Kayzo’s fan club is called the dog house and his fans are the dogs] since like day one. Now he knows who I am, we’re homies, I have his number. It’s just crazy cause I saw him go from where we’re at just like kind of coming up in the scene to blowing the fuck up… everyone knows who kayzo is now.


Angel: For me it’s crazy, it didn’t hit me for awhile.. and then one day I woke up and I was like wow, I might be one of the youngest people to ever get played by Kayzo and Carnage.. and that’s when it hit me.. even all of my friends were proud of me for getting our remix played by these guys and most of them are too young to even go to these shows or know who they are.

RayTrill: So you two have a very distinct sound, do you plan on always sticking to the harder genres or do you plan on experimenting more with other genres?

Angel: For now we plan on sticking with the harder genres and possibly making, with some of our friends, a couple tracks that are different but basically sticking with hard sounds is our main focus.

RayTrill: There’s so many sub genres of hardstyle.. what is your favorite?

Angel: My favorite is hard psy because whenever I listen to it, I like to listen to my music extra loud… and when I listen to it I can feel the bass and idk it’s just wild.

Moose: For me, it’s reverse bass. It’s just so much energy. Any show I’ve gone to, any artist that plays reverse bass.. it always goes off.. the crowd always goes hard as fuck.


RayTrill: Who are some of your favorite djs and producers right now?

Moose: for me… Gammer, Darren Styles, Gommi, DrewFilament.
Angel: Stetix. White Chocolate… They’ve been putting out some sick house. Dfonz, He’s been putting out some hard stuff for awhile and he’s very underrated.

RayTrill: Walk us through a typical studio session for you guys..

Angel: We usually hit the store and get some snacks, hot cheetos and soda… when we get back we listen to a bunch of shit that inspires us and then we open FL.. when we open it, We never know wtf we’re gonna make we just start throwing out ideas and tracks form off of that.

RayTrill: Best way to do it, Alright, well yall made a DEBUT mix for us.. can you walk us through this crazy ass debut mix and tell people that may have never heard of you what to expect.

Moose: the mix is pretty wild! It’s as wild as every form of hardstyle.. It’s just a huge combo of heavy shit, even riddim… It’s a few of our edits and unreleased and a few collabs.. if one of these collabs goes through it could be our biggest collab ever, around 11 or 12 minutes in.

We now present you with Tye Guys DEBUT MIX!


  1. Freaky X DrewFilament X TyeGuys-GTFB(Original Mix)
  2. MAKK X TyeGuys- Time(Original Mix)
  3. Lit Lords- Mirage(Original Mix)
  4. Carnage, Ape Drums Chupacabra(TyeGuys Smashup)
  5. Pegboard Nerds X Quiet Disorder- Go Berserk(Gammer Remix)
  6. Valentino Khan- Pump Like That(TyeGuys Donk Edit)
  7. TyeGuys, ID- ID
  8. DrewFilament- Berserk(Original Mix)
  9. Darren Styles X Dougal X Gammer- Party Don’t Stop(Original Mix)
  10. Pigface(Dougal & Gammer Edit)
  11. Gammer- Red Foam Drink Party(Original Mix)
  12. KERNKRAFT X Spag Heddy X Not Alone!(Acraze Edit)
  13. After All The Fire Squad Gets Low(TyeGuys Smashup)
  14. Kayzo- Feel The Power
  15. Kayzo- Feel The Power(Maito Remix)
  16. Bare- Rawr(D Fonz Remix)
  17. Gommi- Can’t Stop(Original Mix)
  18. Zomboy- Get With The Program(DrewFilament Anti Basshead Edit)
  19. Excision X Dion Timmer- Final Boss(Original Mix)
  20. Phase One- Circle Pit
  21. Dubloadz- Break The Rail Vs. 12th Planet- Let Us Prey(TyeGuys Edit)
  22. The Catalyst Paradox(TyeGuys Mashup)
  23. It’s A Rising Chodegang Storm(TyeGuys Mashup)
  24. Faytal- Kill Them(Original Mix)
  25. Rickyxsan- Gotta Lean Back(Marct Remix)
  26. DNA X Hold On To Me(BLK SHP Mashup)
  27. Carnage X Junkie Kid- BTFWD(Terror Bass Remix)
  28. Carnage X Junkie Kid- BTFWD(Milano The Don X Gommi Remix)
  29. Showtek VS One About Me(DrewFilament Mashup)
  30. Eforce- Freakz At Night(TyeGuys Rawtrap Remix)
  31. Kayzo- Whistle Wars(DrewFilament & TyeGuys Edit)
  32. ABS3NT & DrewFilament- ID(TyeGuys Remix)
  33. Drezo- Prisoner(Gommi Remix)
  34. Kayzo- Avalanche(Gommi Remix)
  35. Issa Kanye Tremor(TyeGuys Mashup)
  36. Da Tweekas- Tweekay 16(TyeGuys Edit)
  37. TyeGuys X Catalyst- Here We Go(Original Mix)
  38. Kayzo- This Time( Original Mix)
  39. Kayzo- This Time( Gommi X TyeGuys Remix)


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