Name: Angie Koskowich
Stage name: Kosko
Age: 21
Genre played: Multigenre
Favorite Harry Potter Quote: “It’s leviOsa, not leviosA.”

Bobby pins: Check. Headphones: Check. USB: Check. Ballet shoes: Check!!!
This may not be a normal PKW (phone, keys, wallet) you’re used to but for local DJ, Angie Koskowich, it’s part of a Tuesday night routine. Grandma Angie, better known as KOSKO, is a genuine spirit dwelling from Alberta Canada! Known from her amazing knitting ability and bubbly personality, she is definitely infectious and has caught our eyes multiple times. It felt right to interview her for October’s Local Lowdown.

photo by Victoria Garces

KOSKO’s sets are always full of energy and have popular songs with the EDM twist. My favorite is her High School Musical mashups into my favorite house songs. She killed our TRILLVO Thursday mix. It’s a groovy mix with Bass House sounds and songs that’ll get your feet moving.

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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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