It’s TRILLVO’s women month and we’re giving you the words, thoughts and wisdom of some of the dopest women in the music industry. When i first started my Journey in the music industry, I would always see this blonde haired bad ass powering through backstage areas or dominating stage areas.. she just seems to have everything in control and almost commanded attention, she seemed so confident and I had no idea who she was but the more I saw her in different cities the more I knew i wanted to find out. After asking some close friends in music and finding out more about her… I found out she was indeed, a badass!
Corynne Burrows
One day, I was introduced to her through a mutual friend and fellow blog owner… Just talking with her for a few minutes was enough to make me love her personality. Corynne worked her way up from assistant to COO of a company rising through the ranks in the music industry! She’s a force and we’re happy to present you with her interview!
Corynne, Nitti Gritti & Paul (CEO of Nu Management)

Corynne, what is your role in the music industry?

I am the COO of NU Management, which is an artist management company based in Los Angeles.

Give us a run down, a summary if you will, of how you achieved the position you have now. 

The road to where I am now has been a long one, but long story short… after being on the events side for many years, I moved out to LA to pursue artist management more seriously. The job that I moved out here for didn’t end up working out, so I started looking for any sort of work so I could stay out here. Paul (the CEO of NU Mgmt) was looking for an assistant so I hit him up and he hired me. I worked as his assistant for a while, but the management company was growing and demanding more time so I ended up transferring over to NU full-time as the Executive Assistant. The company kept growing, as did our team, so I got the promotion to COO and here we are. 🙂
Corynne at Bonnie X Clyde’s Show.

where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself being really happy, working very hard, adventuring a lot, and being surrounded by the insanely talented and amazing people that I love.

What did you want to be when you were younger and what was it like growing up in your family? 

Oh man, lol, I wanted to be so many things. Once I hit high school and started playing basketball, that was really where I put my focus. I played in college and wanted to go pro, but I got injured so that didn’t work out lol. — Growing up in my family was a lot of things haha. I was a really good, but still kinda bad kid growing up, and me and my sister definitely caused some trouble, but my family is amazing and has always been super supportive and unconditionally loving. I couldn’t ask for a better family. They mean the world to me.
Bonnie X Cyde, Corynne

Tell us why music, as a whole, is so important to you.

Music has always been my escape. When I was younger, I would write songs and poetry and raps, lol, it’s how I expressed my emotion. As I got older, it just kinda became this oasis where no matter what was going on, I could turn up the music and get away.

why do you feel the female perspective is so important in the music industry, what do we bring to the table that’s different? 

I think the female perspective is so important because this industry has always been dominated by males, so for a long time there was really no “female perspective”. We are in a good place now because there are a lot of females in power positions who are vocal about their thoughts, and it is inspiring to other women and shows them that they can be apart of this too. I think that we also provide insight as to what female fans like, because many of us were die hard music fans before ever pursuing music professionally.

Tell us about some women that have inspired you

I am inspired daily by a ton of women in this industry, but to name a few I guess I would have to mention Stephanie LaFera, Amy Thomson, and the Krewella sisters. Each of them have accomplished so much and their determination is inspiring.
Stephanie and Amy on the management side because they manage some of the largest acts in the world and have done an incredible job at it.
The Krewella sisters are literally some of the best humans I have met in my life; they are kind, positive, badass women who stand up for what they believe in, and the relationship they have built with their fans is insanely unique and powerful. Krewella had a big impact on my life as a fan first, and have continued to be a big motivation as I have grown throughout various positions the industry. The world could learn a lot from them in regards to staying above the bullshit and persevering. Nothing but love for those girls.

What struggles have you had to face trying to make it in the music industry either in general or directly relating to you as a woman

I think making it in the music industry is a huge challenge within itself, no matter your gender, but I do think it gets especially hard for women because a lot of times we aren’t taken seriously at first, or people assume that we don’t have as much power and knowledge as our male peers. The biggest challenge for me personally was getting people to pay me for work because they thought they could get away with not paying me and that I couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything about it. I have learned my lessons and those days are long gone now thankfully

What can we do as women to help improve our own image in the industry?

I think it starts with being vocal, and making our positions known, but I also think that not being on the defense all the time will put us in a more powerful position. The biggest thing to me, however, is just helping each other up instead of climbing over each other to get to the top, and that goes for everyone. I am a big believer in collaboration over competition, and try to provide as many opportunities as I can to people I see working hard to make their dreams come true
Corynne with Bonnie X Clyde at Middlelands

What words can you give to inspire other women wanting to make it in this crazy industry

Don’t give up, know your worth, and never get complacent. There are a million people trying to make it in music, so you gotta work for it, but once you start to see the hard work pay off you’ll realize that it was all worth it. Learn everything you can. It’s really hard to argue with people that are right

What’s up next for you Corynne? 

I’m just going to keep on working. We have some really big plans for  our artists at NU Management, and my main focus is making sure that we meet those goals and make these dreams come true
Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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