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Lights All Night Artist Profile:

Lorin Ashton, better known by his stage name, Bassnectar, is an American DJ/Producer who is known for his nasty bass music, his “family gathering” events and his fans, aka Bassheads, who follow him and camp stage side for hours, just to show their loyalty and love for Bassnectar’s music.

“He no longer considers his music electronic rather than “Alternative Bass Music”.”

Bassnectar, says that growing up he was influenced by heavy metal bands, which is where he gets his love for bass music and though, taking the Electronic music scene by storm and being labeled as a “Bass God” by many in the EDM scene, he no longer considers his music electronic rather than “Alternative Bass Music“.

This will not be the first time that Bassnectar will headline Lights All Night, he was also a headliner back in 2012. However, a lot has happened for Bassnectar over the last five years, and with his following of die hard fans growing every year, it is with no doubt that Bassnectar’s “Bassheads” will flea into Dallas, TX for this event to worship the Bass God as they do at every festival he headlines and every events he has put together over the past decade.

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When super fan, Sarah Dickenson, was asked about her love for Bassnectar, this is what she said,

“There’s so much to Bassnectar and the community he’s created that it’s hard to explain. His pure raw talent and pure heart are what drive us to continue following this guy around the country. He doesn’t take his popularity lightly and uses it to be an activist, not many people with followings of this size can say they are using it to make a difference. The vibes of the crowd, the absolute insane music and the memories you take away from a nectar set or curated event are some of the best in the world. The fact that people go to see him 30 times in a year and never get bored, never hear the same set twice, never say “okay I’ve seen it all” is unheard of. The friends I’ve made from around the country and the fact that festivals and curated events have turned into family reunions will keep me coming back for years and years.”

Photo By Sarah Dickenson
Photo By Nick Warren
Photo By Nick Warren

If you have never seen Bassnectar, make your way to Lights All Night Music Festival, it is sure to be one for the books.

If you are looking for tickets click here for more details.

See you at Lights All Night 2017.

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