Bonnie X Clyde are back again with another banger. On this much anticipated track, they teamed up with Florida based duo, Purge, to create a beautiful song; released by Insomniac Records. I am so excited to see these four finally working together considering both duos are nothing but pure talent.

First off, Bonnie’s voice in this song is stunning. Her vocals really shine with each track produced. Her sultry voice is just mesmerizing; you can feel the pain and hear the beauty behind her lyrics. I know my arms were covered in goosebumps the first time I gave this song a listen.

“We all deal with the feeling of being torn in some way or another. Torn is about expressing your true, raw feelings and coming to terms with them. Understanding it’s ok to need help and to not be ok all the time.” – Bonnie x Clyde

The message behind this song is beautiful. As quoted above, it really is okay to need help and not be okay every second of the day. Not only does this song promote a positive message, but all four created a track that’s sure to be on everyone’s top playlist. As a HUGE BXC and Purge fan, in all honesty this is probably my favorite song they have put out. I can only hope for more collaborations to come!

BXC take Circuit Grounds stage next month at Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando. Let’s hope Bonnie blesses us with a live version of this song, along with a little b2b action with Purge, who also play EDC Orlando.

Posted by:Sierra Bianchini

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