It has almost become a running gag in the Houston EDM scene. I (KNOTZ) have been such a fan of San Holo since I got into production. Trillvo posts announcements often, but I often intrude with my ever lasting need to bring the man to Houston. Fortunately enough for me– Something Wicked added my boy to the lineup! On top of that, Trillvo allowed me the “go ahead” to write about my infatuation with the vibe this man brings.

Sander van Dijck, born November 26, 1990, [uhm, let that be known that KNOTZ bday is November 24th 1992 😉 ] is a Dutch DJ/Producer known around the world for his intense future bass mixes and production. Spanning releases across the board from OWSLA to Monstercat, this guy really knows how to bring the feels. While yes, I believe everyone should check out some of his tunes, “We Rise”, “Light” to name a few, the real focus of this article is about San Holo’s newest compilation album Gouldian Finch #02.

You may have heard, through your venturing in the electronic dance ventures, of a little label known as bitbird. Founded by Sander in 2014 (and co-ran between his manager Budi Voogt and his longtime friend and associate, Thorwald van den Akker), this label has provided many artist the outlet to share their similar style and taste in music.

Gouldian Finch #02 provides the fan of the future bass genre with a fantastic collaboration of artists. You’ll hear everything from EASTGHOST to Analogue Dear, to up-and-coming DROELOE and even the man himself — San Holo. Containing 22 tracks at 1 hour and 20 minutes, you can download the compilation album now on iTunes for just $9.99. Each track alone is $.99, so you save over 50% buying the album as a whole.

While San Holo does have his own track on the album, he ends this monster with a huge MEGA collab entitled “If Only”. Featuring over 6 different artists, this track ends the compilation by putting every amount of feels into one song. If you’re going to listen to any song on the entire album, please listen to this one! All the way through- you won’t regret it!

Venturing into the future bass genre has been one of the most satisfying things as a producer. I’ve created a few tracks in this genre, but can honestly say that the Gouldian Finch Compilation has influenced me more than I could have imagined.

Photo credit- IG: @thorwald_ & @thebache

I hope you all enjoyed my guest article, and a big thank you to TRILLVO for letting me express my love for this album and San Holo. As walys, keep it Trill, and we hope to see you around…

Guest article written by: Jason Broussard (KNOTZ)

~KNOTZ (Jason Broussard)

Purchase Gouldian Finch #2 here

Connect with Bitbird: Soundcloud

Connect with San Holo: Soundcloud | Twitter

Posted by:Sarah Dickens

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