Hailing from Mississippi, the duo šfåm has been killing the New Orleans scene. Michael Pearson and Jacob Hoerner produce music that sounds similar to trap, but they throw in some amazing experimental bass. šfåm have supported  by big names like Barely Alive, Boombox Cartel, Borgore, Bro Safari, Getter, G Jones, Jayceeoh, Quix, Troyboi and Yellow Claw.

sfam - black and white
Credit: River Beats

Recently, UZ scooped up these amazing producers and released their mix QGRMIX 009 through his platform. After the mix, šfåm released their new track “Go” on Quality Goods Records in anticipation of their EP release. The Expand EP features 5 nasty trap tracks with a little bass that will just melt your brains!

Embellish –

WOW! Embellish is an incredible record. The track starts off with the wordsmith Quaviusblack reminding me what real hip hop and wordplay should sound like with innuendos like “It’s always hot when we boxing” and a feelsy sounding intro hinting at sad undertones behind his seemingly feelingless lyrics towards a girl. The drop is unique and completely unexpected as Sfam gives us muffled bass vibes.

Wuts Gud –

industrial bass vibes with muffled screeches and womps. Sfam plays with vocals and haunting sounds effortlessly. Reminds me of a being in a long dark tunnel and throwing objects in the dark to see what you might hit.

Yo –

Short slices dominate the track as Sfam uses all sorts of unique sounds to continue the industrial, bassy vibes prominent throughout the EP.

Expand –

This track takes us in a completely new direction, the intro reminds me of floating in the clouds high on happiness. A unique and stunningly contrasting drop take you bouncing through a jungle of sound waves and until you find clarity amongst the clouds again.

Go –

Go closes out the EP with a long build and the tinkering of bells into a drawn out bass drop and high pitched cowbells. Sfam continues the haunting foreground noises, characteristic to every song on the EP and tying the entire thing together so well.

Turn up the bass and prepare yourself for šfåm!

QGR 009 Mix

Expand EP

Connect with SFAM

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Posted by:Mitch Tilley

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