Rorschach Music Group is “A Label of the Artists, By the Artists, For the Artists”. They’re always posting songs from a variety of underground producers so be sure to visit their Soundcloud for constant heat.

On Friday, October the 13th they present to us VOVIII’s “The 13th” EP. Pop your headphones in and get ready for some scary vibes. “The 13th” implements a plethora of scary movie tropes indicated by the track names: Slenderman, White Walkers, and Pennywise.


The EP is introduced ominously with the winding up of a child’s toy and rhythmic bells reminiscent of a haunted house. The beat builds up as a man is on the phone with a woman. She describes the image of somebody who we can only assume is Slenderman trying to break into her house.

As we approach the drop we hear a man yelling, “Watch out it’s Slenderman!” bringing in the chorus with a wailing synth and driving drum beat. You can’t help but bob your head back and forth and just groove. As you’re vibing, VOVIII switches up the flow into bouncy Moombahton drums. By the second drop, the man is only talking to himself with no reply. She must be dead. Slenderman comes correct with all of the dark trap feels.


White Walkers has a similar vibe to the first track with a vibrant arpeggiated lead synth and driving drums. The horns rumble throughout the track filling out the room. He again brings in the Moombahton vibe this time introducing it with a loud “Moomba!”


Pennywise closes out the EP by borrowing its name from the clown on the recent Box Office hit IT. As such, VOVIII uses the familiar circus theme but gives it a sinister twist. This time around we’re hit with an amalgam of multiple bass genre drops. The first comes with a nasty Dubstep and Moomba inspired drop. You hear the circus theme repeating over into the build up when you hear the familiar clown horns and a trap drop. The dark wobbly bass carries you into the final Hardstyle drop.

Overall, this EP is scary AF. I can’t wait to see what VOVIII come up with next.

Listen Here:

Posted by:Wil Rios

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