GTFB could not have been released by Harsh Records at a better time.  With Halloween right around the corner, this track is filled with all kinds of horrific sounds and mind altering bass lines!


DrewFilament, Tyeguys and Freaky, have created a monster with “GTFB”.  The beginning of the track starts with an almost evil doll horror story melody.  Then, things take a turn for the worst in the best way possible. The first drop is this reverse bass I haven’t heard from any of these artist in a long time. Many “hardstyle heads” out there will understand the distinct sound that is reverse bass.  They somehow figure out how to incorporate a trap switch after, which was a nice touch to say the least.

They give you no time to run for your lives with the second drop coming up faster than Michael Myers.  The drop is a sound that has become very popular, the hard  “psy” sound!  Full of those heavy bass kicks along with some ear-piercing screeches, my heart was filled with rage and happiness at the same time.


All three of these artists were not playing around when they put their sadistic minds together when concocting this ominous creation.

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Posted by:Zak Aslane

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