As the intro track to Kayzo’s Hard Summer set, fans around the globe have waited in longing for the drop of this track. Vocals from Micah Martin lead the charge and capitalize on a drawn out intro that builds anticipation for this magnificent track. I can only describe this by trying to paint a picture…

Imagine standing in the crowd at a huge festival, your favorite artist is about to play… There’s a long drawn out silence and then suddenly… you hear the sound of a soft, haunting wind; the start of this track.

Trumpets and an inspiring, beautiful voice speak to you…

“Hey now, put up a fight, Don’t know how I’ll let go! Hands out to the sky, We reach for tomorrow…”

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You reach your hands up, outstretched, sending energy to your favorite artists…

“I feel we’re ready to die, But time is on my side. I feel it going inside me. But you’ll never find me… I need my heart to make me whole…”

Suddenly Kayzo & Slander emerge from behind the decks and the crowd roars, screaming madness encapsulate the audience…

“WHAT’S UP *insert city name*!”

…and an out of this world hard psy drop crashes down from the speakers as Co2 shoots up into the air and the entire crowd jumps around you carrying you on a cloud of energy!

… that, is Holy.

Listen Here

“I’ve known Derek and Scott since the very beginning of both of our musical careers,” Kayzo says in an emailed statement. “We’ve talked about doing more records together for a long time, but just haven’t found the time to get in the studio. I started writing ‘Holy’ earlier this year and sent it to them during the summer time. We wrapped the record up and premiered it at Kinetic Field for EDC LV this past summer. This one is special to us, and I’m excited for everyone to finally have it.” [From Billboard’s article about Slander & Kayzo working together]

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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