[Starting five is a monthly article where we choose 5 incredibly talented producers to be the starting 5 players of our hypothetical “Producer Basketball team“. We make our selections based off of monthly performance, ability to grow and raw talent.]

Announcing your starting 5 for October.

These five guys can cook up some serious bangers! When I say bangers, I’m talking about, make you wanna flip a table and lose your mind type bangers! If you’ve haven’t heard of any of these guys, sit back, relax, and put your reading glasses on!

(Photo by Victoria Garces)

Daniel “Felmax” Mora hailing from the very sunny Miami, Florida has some real trap shit! But will also break your neck with his dubstep! The man year old has earned support from some of the biggest names in the game over his career! His 3 song  EP HYPERBOLIC TIME CHAMBER” that was released on Spinnin’ Records is honestly a favorite of mine! Felmax’s most recent track, ‘Make Love’ is a collab he did with PURGE and it is trap happy! A definite head bobbing trap arming banger!

(Photo by omgitsmattyvee)

WE GOT A DUO ! TYEGUYS, two brothers! I Love family ties! Alvaro(who goes by Moose) and his 15 year old brother Angel, are going to shatter festival stages soon! These TYEGUYS are good! Insane support from some hard hitting heavy weights such as Kayzo & Carnage, there’s no slowing down! With sounds booming harder than a bomb  they will get you going ape shit! They recently collaborated for an insane song titled GTFB (GET THE FUCK BACK) with DrewFilament and  Alex “Freaky” Fricke. I really wanna hear this live soon so I can scream GTFB and go crazy!

(Photo by Edgar Florian)

Drew mutha fucking Filament. This man here has some hella hard tracks! Coming straight out of San Gabriel, California, the 21 year old raw sound producer is fresh out of the HeavyWeight Records draft where Carnage is the commissioner. With sounds more raw than a sushi bar, you will turn up  and act a fool. He did a mix for us and it was sensational! Literally bangers from start to finish! But let’s talk about Tres though! Collaborating with Gommi & Greater Than, that song is oh so good and makes you wanna JUMP!

(Photo by DrewCuttingEdge)

DUO NUMERO 2! GLD! Jake Holzman and Matthew Christian are fresh out of Waterbury Connecticut, and these are two guys who can throw down! Some stupendous support from Flosstradamus, & YOOKIE these fellas ain’t stopping! Their intense and hybrid sounds are so wild that all you wanna do is turn  up! Their most recent track they touched up on is YEHRIGHT! They literally had me grooving and then instant turn up!

(Photo by WastedPresents)

Another member of the ASOC family,(A State Of  Carnage) Tim “Gommi” Rothwell! The 22 year old from the city of brotherly love Philadelphia, PA. His support system consist of  Skellism, Kazyzo, and Carnage!  Gommi’s hard psy sound is so forceful and hard that you instantly throw your hands up and can’t contain your facial expressions. His remix for Carnage’s and Ape Drums Chupacabra is so mind blowing that it makes me wanna rage until I can’t rage anymore!

Like I said these guys have are amazing producers,  and make amazing tracks! I picked these group of guys because they all have a certain energy that you can feel through their music. When i listen to their stuff maaaan it is one good feeling!

Felmax socials

Tyeguys socials

DrewFilamet socials

GLD socials

Gommi socials

Posted by:Jordan Platt

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