Well, by now you should know that DJ Snake has had one hell of a summer with many festival sets and even closing most of them out!  He has never restricted himself when it comes to creating new sounds and testing out his skill in others.  In “Broken Summer” he shows a more emotional and wavy side that we don’t usually hear, but it works and flows so well.


You know when you hear a song’s vocals and your first thought is “no one else could sing this,” because it fits so perfectly.  That’s what Austin, TX native, Max Frost, did here.  He serenades and brings a smooth vibe with his voice, which meshes so well within the beat. The lyrics entail a story many of us have felt at some summer point. When you meet someone and you both just click, and everything is great.  However, summer always comes to an end and people have to eventually go their own ways, but sometimes we just can’t help catching those feelings we love and hate so much.


This creation by Snake is something out of this world.  The beat is like a sweet wave and your mind is just cruising with the peaceful current.  Hearing this from him not only pleases me that he can diversify his sound so well, but also shows that he is not afraid to express emotion that can be created from music.

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Posted by:Zak Aslane

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