The Boston native, a masked mystery known as Skellibeatz may just be in his truest element during Halloween, because this track is terrifyingly dubstep and bass at its finest.

skellibeatz mask

At the very beginning, “Gurny” has a melody that sparks some sinister images. Those vocals epitomize the sound of a young child swinging in an abandoned park.  Right into the first drop it is loud and aggressive, so you wild bass heads better have your trusty neck brace on deck.

The one good thing that Skellibeatz does for your body and mind is give you just enough time to screw your head back on before the second drop, which is insane!  Imagine two gigantic sential robots having a deathmatch that rocked the earth to its core.  That is how heavy this drop goes!

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Posted by:Zak Aslane

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