Strong synths and a powerful progression convey such incredible emotion in this spectacular spin-off of the original. Originally produced by AWAY, “Sleepwalker” was a very chill track with soft vocals from London Thor, guitar riffs, and soft bass. Released on Lowly Palace, TWO OWLS transform this original track using echoing vocals, big percussion, and strong synths. Staying true to their newly redesigned brand, this remix is a melodic masterpiece that can only be described as irresistible.

As the night sets over Los Angeles, the creatures of the night begin to take their places. Adapting to the rich moonlight and the sounds of the darkness – the nocturnal come out to play. TWO OWLS perch, preparing to take flight, reverberating into the shadows with euphonious melodies and sparking synths, atop of passionate bass-lines.

With a release via Ultra Music under their belt and under the wing of the respected Paradigm Talent Agency – this creates a powerful combination for what is to come for the Los Angeles based duo. Evolving from 200 capacity shows and aggressive bass-house lines to internationally known festivals to come and powerful, moving chord progressions – TWO OWLS are on the flight path to a bright future. 

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Posted by:Mitch Tilley

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